Sunday, June 30, 2013

Enchanting scenery and friendship in Spain 隆情美景西班牙

My travel in Spain was marvelous particular in the summer time.  The long daylight allowed us to see a lot.  What's more is friendship.....
 西班牙南部 Andalucia 蜿蜒山路, 山城村莊小鎮及熱鬧的馬拉加大道, 踏著單車沿地中海海岸, 迎風的烤魚, 沙灘上笑聲浪濤聲..... 不一樣的南歐風情 !  記載著一個陽光充沛友情滿溢之旅 ......
Heather (from US)  and Sandy (British from Spain) attended last year's wool felt workshop in Portugal.  Three of us took up again this June.  Sandy lives in the brilliant Andalucia region of Spain.  She's so kind to offer us to stay in her cozy home before and after the Portugal workshop. 
Ann,  Sandy's friend lives in Spain also joined us the workshop.  We four together had a wonderful good time (My last post of workshop).
Before heading to Portugal we stayed in Sandy's hamlet in Malaga for a couple of days.  Such a beautiful village facing the Lake Vineula.
Pretty flowers in the entrance
Four of us directed to Salamanca, south-west of Spain for a night before heading to Portugal.  Almost 7 hours driving we arrived in the city centre.
A town with enchanting beauty, intriguing culture and historical buildings ....
We strolled along the Main Square, the Art museum.....
.....the Cathedral
After the long week residential wool felt workshop (post of workshop) we drove back to Spain and stayed another couple of days.  On the road we saw the herd of goats going home.....  realised it's evening, another relaxing day.... 
The next day we went to Alhama de Gronada for lunch.  Scenery along was gorgeous with undulating mountains, olive groves, grasses.....
Trails up and down the mountains with pretty wild flowers everywhere
A walk in the Alham de Gronada Los Tajos was great
Buildings and village are well maintained heritage
On the way to visit Ann who lives on the hilltop, we passed by the town.  These houses are newly built after earthquake decades ago.
Road leading to Ann's house on the hill top
Entrance of Ann's house
The white house looks like a palace.  There were dainty of every kind.
On my last day with Sandy, a moring visit to the market of crafts where Sandy and Ann have stalls.

Their delicate creation all handmade by heart. 

Other stalls of pottery and beautiful tile paintings
I bought a clock with painting of cats.  It's painted on a CD by the lady herself.

The market is spacious and inspiring, not only for selling but also a place for artists to mingle.
The rest 2 days in Malaga I was on my own to explore the city.
Leisure strolling and window shopping
Typical flamenco costume
Horse cart for tourist

Malaga downtown is full of history and shops
I went up the Alcazaba - buildings origin goes back to the 11th century
Up there an overlook to the port
Panoramic view of other side of the city
I spent a day cycling from the new port......
along the the coastline of Mediterrean.
Fascinating views .........

Almost a day of cycling, not tired instead relaxing.  It's my last day in Malaga.  Time to pack home. 
I left my footprints with lots of good memories and all the pretty stuff and the intangible skills.
Heather was so nice to teach me the skills of using gauze for wool painting, nuno felt, textural necklaces and accessories......
The nuno felt purse I made with the skills Heather showed me.  Such a nice technique to learn.
Our gathering was also a skills interaction.  I showed them the making of textural surface of nuno felt.  This is the scarf made.
My stay in Spain and workshop in Portugal was amazing with the company of my friends Sandy, Heather and Ann.  You made me a wonderful trip and the impressive of Spain.
I was home with a full pinkie, wool stuff and some windfalls of eucalyptus.  My experiments with eco print will be on again.


  1. what a wonderful adventure and friendships made! An area of such beauty! Thank you for taking us along on this exciting trip!

  2. A fascinating and inspiring break!

  3. Oh Terrie how exciting this trip must have been, full of memories, friendship and learning. What a wonderful place to relax and enjoy the company of people who love the same thing you love. How grand that you could spend your time with people familiar to you from past travels, so very much better than being alone in some hotel with strangers. Your pictures are so pretty. I'm sure your memories are a lifetime treasure to you. God continue to bless you and your family.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne ♥

  4. Wow, what a beautiful place to be in at this time of year. I'm glad you are finding inspiration wherever you go! Treasure it, which I'm sure you will do.

  5. Looks like a wonderful trip Terrie! Glad you had a good time :)
    Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos


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