Sunday, June 2, 2013

Eco print on pashmina 羊毛披肩植物印染

"Raise the curtain, show must go on", Mogi.
Wardrobe change for summer, I found the old pashmina of synthetic purple/ pink dyed. It hit my mind to do eco print on it after used for many years the shawl. I was not sure if it's truly wool.  I burnt with a lighter on a fringe. Hmmmm,  smells like burning hair.  That's good, real wool. 
Dipped a few euc leaves in iron water, folded and bundled.  Boiled with some dried euc leaves, barks, onion skin and some vinegar in the pot. 
Unbundled after 1.5 hours.
Picture speaks itself the outcome.......different shades of euc leaves and tie marks. 

 Dark shade of iron mordant leaves. 
 Light orange of non iron mordant leaves

A used wrap changed to a new look with shade of red, orange, yellow and brown now.
"Mum, don't change my hair color, I'm always the same grey, even getting old", Mogi


  1. You got an amazing effect with the string marks Terrie! Love it!

  2. That's a great success - a dramatic change!

  3. Ohhh Terrie, It is a beautiful work. Well done!!

  4. Fantastic.... will have to try this on my Orange Pashmina keep you posted

  5. wow Terrie, it looks fantastic!


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