Friday, May 10, 2013

Little nuno felt dresses 小女孩羊毛混絲裙子

Recently I'm really into nuno felt dress making. This little dress is for my nephew's little daughter. 
With silk chiffon base, some silk scraps and super fine merino, a little dress is made in two hours. 

The textural effect is what I wanted.  This theme I call it "flame" as it's colorful.

Maker and the little darling are in the same tone of clothing. 
This one all in white 
 Crinkle chiffon surface
Looks like a flower girl's dress. 
Indeed it's very mini, fits a 2-year old girl only.   Fun to play nuno felt dresses.  Next will be a "gown of rose garden".  A bigger project to show off.....


  1. That little dress is darling!!

  2. oh how lovely, she is indeed beautiful, as is the maker, the dress is wonderful, I love the soft design and tones,

  3. Two delightful little dresses - and now we are all intrigued by the dress of roses you mention!

  4. Lovely dresses perfect for a beautiful little girl! How did you make those roses!


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