Monday, April 1, 2013

Pace of life 生活步伐

Spring has sprung.
 Can't believe, it's April.  Time flies so fast!  Since quitted from work, my pace of life seems going too fast.  My plate is full.  I wanted to do this to do that...... Today's the last day of Easter holiday (everyday is my holiday), I made a sample wool felt handbag for my upcoming workshop.  
I like to put the chiffon base then laid wool over it. 
With one side of little Teeswater for textural surface, the other side of nuno felt flower.

  Early in the morning I went to the bay near my studio to take some images. 
Tide rip seems gentle 
Rest on the rock 
Breath the sea breeze.... 
Frankly I scare of sea, shame that I do not swim.  Looks as if sea roaring....  There was nobody.   
After a few pictures I rushed and passed by the park. 
Wild daisy on the path. 
Pace of life should be slow...... would it be a burden for the snail's whole life?  A little snail I carefully not to step on.

Snake?  Yes, I've seen a 4 ft long snake in the park.  Nature is of wild life, tame or not we should keep pace with.


  1. beautiful work and the surroundings you took the photos are just beautiful, I don`t like snakes, but I`m not terrified of them,

  2. What a pretty piece! Your pictures are a always so gorgeous Terrie! I'm glad you are enjoying your retirement!

  3. bardzo mi się podobają kolory! super torba!

  4. Gorgeous bag Terrie! And how wonderful to be able to stroll down to the beach whenever you fancy.. it looks so peaceful.

  5. That's a lovely bag, Terrie, well done!


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