Monday, April 22, 2013

24-h in my sanctuary 我的創作空間

Yellow, orange, green..... vivid colors of life I love.  My 24-h weekend in my sanctuary started with such bright colors........
週末一位學生從遠處來到我南區的小小工作室學做羊毛混絲手袋, 在四小時的學習及閒談中, 很技巧地完成了一個鮮明別緻的nuno felt 手袋,  很感謝她的熱誠不厭長途到來學習。 
I've a one-on-one nuno felt handbag tutorial with student C.     I appreciated very much for her coming from the far north to my tiny studio in the south island.  She started by layering thin wool and a chiffon fabric with foam resist. On top put on mulberry silk strings and silk scraps for the textural effect.  After almost 4 hours she made it. 
Beautiful color of nuno felt flowers, some curly Teeswater fleece and silk strings which will be lustrous after dried. 
Simple on the other side also with some silk strings.
C. is interested in wet felting.  She self-learnt and made small pretty pouches. For big project like this was the first time. I'd say that making the handle is tricky and doing the nuno felt flowers are wonderful. 
Well done girl.  Thanks for coming to my far away tiny studio.  
My sanctuary is in Stanley.  Sometimes I do my creations or give tutorials.  Also a space to showcase ....... 

The nuno felt dresses learnt from Vilte Kazlauskaite 
Baby booties and hat, ceramics I made earlier....

Little table with wool felt bottle 
A rug learnt from Nicola Brown, Hat learnt from Marie-Clare Buckle.  Vessels inspired by Shirley Cook.
The needle felt dogs and cats.  Ceramic dolls with nuno felt dresses. 
The little corner I do my creations or dreaming..........
Stayed overnight, a walk to the pier...... 
Boats sailing by.... 
My studio, the little sanctuary with inspiration around..... 
Call it a day I picked a stone from the stream to make a wool felt paper weight later.


  1. Wow, what all great pieces!! I don't know what I like more, every thing is so beautifull!! Love the bag!

  2. such beautiful creations in such an amazing location! I enjoyed our tour!

  3. You are so creative! I love the colors you've used on the felt handbag.

  4. What an amazing place your creative space is, Terrie!!! I just love the handbag with the contrasting colours and those little baskets are just beautiful.

  5. So many wonderful things to look at - no wonder your students do so well!

  6. I can see that you are enjoying it, Terrie. I like the look of your creative space, and I am sure it is even more beautiful in real life. And lovely work you do.


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