Sunday, March 3, 2013

Nuno felt shawl workshop 羊毛戟絨披肩製作班

In a March Sunday afternoon, still cool and good to run a nuno felt shawl making workshop.   Organised by Pottery Stall Studio, here come my students' shawls.......
香港的三月天仍有點寒意, 今日在 Pottery Stall 缸瓦舖  的羊毛戟絨披肩製作班, 同學的製作還派用場. 四小時的體力勞動也正是修身健體, 同學們可累了 !?
A silk chiffon base with some merino wool and Teeswater long fleece........ 
With some wild fleece to make the textural surface..... 

 A black chiffon with some merino wool and mulberry silk to make the nuno felt wrap.  Looks like clouds ?
A shawl with textural colar is what I wanted to teach.  
Making in the progress ........ 
 Layering wool...
OMG, the black chiffon was breeding.  How irritated to have bought this !  Next time I must wash it beforehand. 
The Teeswater long fleece is good for textural effect.  The 4-hour workshop seems too much for the ladies.  They're exhausted after the layering, rubbing, fulling....... They said it was a class of physical exercise to loose weight.
  Come on ladies, do a lot and to have a fit form.


  1. Great achievements from all involved!

  2. How different each of the shawls looks! They are all pretty in their own way and the ladies got to go home with a finished project after only 4 hours!

  3. It's really really a tough work. The muscle is still aching this morning. But it's a joyful workshop. Love to learn more from you.


  4. Thanks for sharing. Your students are lucky to have you for a teacher. Wish I was there to learn from you too. Great job ladies and Teacher:)

  5. Thanks ladies. Teaching is chanllenging to meet expectation but fun.

  6. Terriea--What a wonderful workshop! You are an energetic and creative teacher. I'm sure that they will wear their finished garments with pride!!


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