Friday, March 15, 2013

Eco print of reversible nuno felt top 植物印染羊毛混雪紡上衣

Mogi, "Hmmmm, mum added some color on white! How it looks? Let's see below...."  一件雙面羊毛混雪紡上衣, 要做植物印染又完成了, 怎樣子? 且看比較.......
I mentioned in my last post about this reversible nuno felt top to take the risk making the reverse side with eco prints.  
Rolled the bundle with three sorts of eucalyptus leaves and boiled for 1.5 hours.
Back with prints of green, orange and brown as well tie marks. 
All are eucalyptus leaves, the round ones are euc globulus from the States. 
I do not keen on regular or parallel in the front, so placed the leaves in this way half in the front and back. Some with brown as they're dipped in iron mordant water.
These group of euc leaves I plucked near my studio come out green.  

After boiled the original pleated side with nuno textural ruffles has not much change, only tie marks on the bottom that's what I wanted. 
The reverse side with bright prints is also what I hoped. 
Comparison of before and after, only a bit yellow and tie marks.  So no destroy to the original. 
It's earthy, it's organic, it's subtle..... whatever it is.  It is one of it's kind. I can do nothing the same. 
A piece of two sides, in and out.
So this is a two-sided nuno felt wool top. I have to admit that I love more the original (left) on my daughter. It looks "pure" and ruffles are "fluffy". 
The right one (on myself) after tight rolled and boiled, ruffles like "pleated skirt" look less soft.  Anyway, my experiments for the reversible wearable.


  1. wow Terrie, how do you do this eco printing, just put leafs on and lay it in the sun to dry?? So grreat, I wish I could visit you ☺ much to learn at your place LOL have a great weekend, best wishes from janine Who loves this shirt!!!!

    1. Thanks Janine, I rolled it, wrapped a bundle and boiled for 1.5 hours. That's it. For some kinds of leaves, such as eucalyptus, maple, rose... work wonderful.

  2. ohoh, didn't read good enough, you boiled it?? doesn't the felt shrink to much?? great technique!!!

  3. Oh Terrie, I LOVE it now! I like it before you eco dyed it, but like it better now.. it is stunning! You are such a talented lady

  4. Absolutely gorgeous!! They both look wonderful... I would say your experiment was a grand success!!

  5. Your experiments are going very well!

  6. I just love your posts. Perfectly pretty pictures, funny remarks with your cat and amazing techniques for your followers to attempt as well! I eagerly await your next post :)

  7. Wyszło fenomenalnie.
    Nawet jakbym chciała to skąd mam w Polsce wziąć eukaliptus.
    Chyba napiszę do mojej przyjaciółki w Sydnej, może mi przyśle suszony.

  8. It's a lovely piece of work, Terrie. Does this work with other type of fabrics too?

    1. Agy, eco print works on silk, wool, cotton.... but all would have various outcome with mordant.


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