Sunday, December 9, 2012

Enhanced nuno felt shawl 混絲戟絨被肩

 I made the nuno felt shawl for my customer.
 This is one of the ten pieces she asked to make in a row.  When I gave her the original look as the top image, she said it's a bit plain and asked if I can do some highlights.  I said after felted it's not likely to modify.  She didn't insist though.  Thought to myself if do it again it takes me another time like making a new one.    Back home, I asked myself if my customer doesn't like what I do and put aside the piece, it's no good.   I want my customer happy with the pieces I made.  Then I offered free to modify it.  I laid a bit more black merino wool and some mulberry silk for the highlight.
 It looks better with the white mulberry silk

Endeavor to keep my creative juice flowing, now in customer's hands and she's pleased with it.


  1. you are such a sweet heart, pleasing our customers should always come first within reason, you are very obliging, it did turn out beautiful though.Very elegant!

  2. Gorgeous Terrie . . . I am sure your customer was pleased . . .

  3. Contrast always helps to bring a piece to life!

  4. No wonder your customer was pleased, Terrie!!! It's beautiful!!!

  5. It turned out beautiful! I'm glad she is happy with it! Who wouldn't be.

  6. Lovely shawl Terrie - very striking with the white silk on black!

  7. It looks beautiful both ways, but I understand your wanting to make your customer happy.


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