Thursday, November 22, 2012

What customers' expectation 顧客之要求

I was asked to do three pieces of nuno felt shawls by lady C. Instantly I was chuffed for my works caught attention.  This way of making garments is still new in Hong Kong.   Glad that people find it unique and want it. My girl Jasmine showed it right after all finished.  Thought to myself it's good. 
The shawls were made by laying merino wool and some mulberry silk over the chiffon base.
After rubbing, rolling for some 200 times back & forth.  Followed by light motions of throwing and "moving" around - the effortless action I like to do.
Within hours it come the shawl.
Another piece is in brown tone
My girl was fond of it and asked me to do her a piece.  Never say no to my darling girl or shout at my sweet Mogi.
Mogi, "how soft it is?

   Totally made 4 during the weekend.   The last one for Jas...
Wrap in different styles, upside-down or inside-out with different shades of black, grey and white..... 

Girl's naughty look.
I was happy to have done the commision and ready to go for the buyer lady C.
These  shawls are what I supposed good for the winter. Lady C was nice and said they're warm enough and she loved all BUT if they're thinner would be best also for handbag carrying.  I was a bit uneasy for a while since they're not what I assume all right. I said I could do another piece with just little scattered wool which will be light and thin.  


That night I made a lighter one and given to lady C the following morning. She said it's excatly what she wanted.  I intended this is free for her but she's kind and  insisted on paying
I seldom sell my items, not to mention for a commission.  It's not that easy to meet others expectation.  Quite some pressure.  Anyway, that's a good start for me.


  1. Dealing with clients can be hard, but it's always an interesting challenge!

  2. Congratulations! It's always exciting (and a bit scary) to sell your creations.

  3. Congratulations, Terriea! You navigated the deep waters of 'communicating with buyers' very well and should be proud of yourself!!! XXO-

  4. Congratulation Terrie, the shawls are stunning and i'm sure Lady C is very happy :)


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