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Eco print wordless story book 無言的故事小本

 My wordless story book with affection of the area I grew up.
這小本子的製作, 沒有文字在內, 但那製作過程印記著為何我愛上植物印染及對沙田的生活情感......
Again a binding journal I made with the idea come from the rust iron mentioned in my last post.
Each page is of leaf prints
Wool felted book cover with prints of euc leaves on both front and back.
Outer cover with string marks and eucalyptus cinerea leaves.
This is how I made the prints on paper.

I laid the leaves over the iron absorbed fabric,  lined a few small conqueror papers, again put some leaves over and covered with another iron absorbed fabric.  A total of 3 stacks (sandwiched) so made more than 20 pages in one go.  Rolled up the fabrics,  bundle tied.  Wrapped with micro wave plastic, then boiled for 45-min and stayed in the thermo pot overnight.  Unbundled and flat dried the papers. 
I made the wool felt book cover and bundled with kitchen paper core with leaves in between.  I like to use the hard paper core to make the sausage bundle so it's easily bent to fit into my round pot. Tie with strings and boiled in  dyeing pot with euc leaves and barks so the color come out browish / reddish.
Papers in 8 signatures.
  Binded it with the wool cover and embellished with my handmade ceramic button as a closure.  A little journal of 128 pages is made.
Intended to have the light prints and more spaces for writing. 
Pages of local eucalyptus leaves, rose leaves, maple leaves, cajeput leaves and other unknown species.
   Euc is always my fav.  I know there're local euc trees but never aware how they look, what matters to them or even make prints with  them !!  Until last year inspired by other eco print bloggers (dipandstain is one of it)  I gave it a go.  This is the first euc tree I passed by almost every weekend to my mother in Shatin (沙田).  Since then I hooked on eco print on silk fabric and now on papers. 
This little book made with my bond affection of the area where I was growing up also now my mother lives in.
I  cycle along the river bank to my mother at times.  The other day  I saw some old pictures displayed at the train station which brought me to the nostagia of this town. 
This is Shatin, in Chinese means "sand field".  A well developed town with Shing Mun River.
Then was a small village with the same river.  

In the 50-60's was a small village where my parents lived and worked in town. 

  Quite remote for work and school. I took the steam train to school in town.
Now linked with rapid train.

Farming or fishing. 
 Life was hard and simple..... but contented.

"Morning Mist"

Such were the famous spots for salon photography
All were reminiscence.  I love those days.  Our family lived there for some years then moved to town.  In the recent 10 years my mother moved back to Shatin and I see her weekly.
蒼海桑田, 物換星移, 城村發展或保留總有爭議, 往昔的環境祗 有在舊照中"想當年".
This is the euc woods in the Shatin Central Park.  My mother sometimes picks up the windfalls for me to play with eco printing. The string marks I made for the woods look.
With autumn drawing, old leaves blowing.....

Old barks peeling off.......
But for the wind blown and saw off trunk, green leaves are thriving....

This is a blank book with no words.  May be one day it's written with the journey of my art / craft experiments.

Thanks for sharing my story.
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  1. I am so very very touched and inspired by this post, Terrie; I always love seeing Mogi at the top and your wonderful experiments every time, but this, with the beautiful books, your always detailed and clear tutorials plus the wonderful photos and story about Shatin feel very special indeed! Your work and your sharing is very beautiful!

    1. Thanks Ginny. You're very observant. You made me a day!

  2. So beautiful . . . You are an exceptional artist!

  3. So much work goes into your lovely journals. Thanks for taking us on a pictorial journey of the town where your parents lived and worked. We are headed to Los Angeles soon and I always look forward to the eucalyptus groves. Mmmmm! They smell so nice.

    1. Thanks Sandy. Enjoy your trip in LA. Eucalyptus fragrance is a good therapy. Yes and smell nice.

  4. Thats very Beautiful Terri, your new journal will definitely have a very special meaning for you xoxoxo

  5. What a great memories. I sometimes would love to go back to these times. I find your posts so inspiring and the book is amazing.

  6. Beautiful! I enjoyed seeing the pictures of your mothers town from years ago. It is amazing how things change yet stay the same! I also love your leaf closure. I am taking a pottery class and have enjoyed crafting with clay.

    1. Thank you Kelly. Clay is another versatile craft. It takes a few steps and more time to complete. Come out from he kiln is excited. Enjoy the crafting.

  7. Such a beautiful craft - something you will treasure. I'm amazed by how Shatin has changed over the years. It's hard to believe that it was so different back then.

  8. What a lovely, creative tribute to your home and your mother... very beautiful. I love seeing the old pictures from the 60's in Shatin... thanks for visiting me and I am now a follower!



  9. Wow! Wow! Wow!!! You have outdone yourself Terrie! what a true work of art!!

    Love the old pictures and the story :)))

  10. Your book is lovely, as I knew it would be. It is the perfect place to write down what is in your heart for the things you love to do. Isn't it amazing how time brings change to so many places but in our minds we can still see what it use to be. Thank you for sharing your pictures of your home place and your history. It is always interesting to see the past in photos, to remember the memories of a time gone by.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

    1. Thank you Susanne. We're at a certain age would love to see our past and reminisce no matter sweet or sour. All those days related to our loved ones. Time flies like eye blinks...

  11. It was the eco printing that brought me here, but it was your story that held me.
    You speak from the heart ~ whether it be through dye, or the English language, or both.
    That is a heritage to treasure.
    A beautiful BEAUTIFUL book, Terriea, in so many ways...

    1. Thank you Sweetpea. Eco printing brought me creation and imagination. Mother Nature is the fountain of inspiration and artists like you are inspiring.

  12. Lovely post Terrie :) Your new journal is absolutely stunning! A real work of art! The string effect was very good for representing the trees, and I love the paper prints you are doing too.. very inspiring as always!

    Your home town has really grown since the 60s hasn't it?! No wonder you felt nostalgic seeing all those lovely old photos.. thank you for sharing.

  13. What beautiful work! I've never heard of eco printing so I am really glad I found you. I also very much enjoyed learning the history of your hometown. I just found you through Debbiedoo's Newbie Party. I rally love the fact that blogging connects me to people from other continents. I'm your newest follower and I'm hoping you'll follow me back at I also work in ceramic making pendants for jewelry. Thanks for sharing your inspriing craft!

  14. This is something unique :) I love the wool felt cover. Visiting you back from my blog.. Thanks for stopping by there.

  15. Your story and work from your heart! How you managed to put all of it in a lovely post! Thank you!


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