Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Wool felt boy and girl I made 我塑我做的一對

Last post was a wool felt girl. To have a pair, I made the boy.   
Now that a family with a sheep and a Schnauzer.
針氈的公仔不是我的強項也不是我的興趣,  配合濕氈做出來的效果是我的新嘗試, 都幾可愛罷.
Hubby said the boy looks boorish.  Haha.... he's a kind heart.  He's soft and tender !粗獷的牛王頭也有細心的一面.......
It's made with wet felt and needle felt.  Used with a bamboo blind to roll the arms and legs with thin wire enclosed.  Wet felted the shirt, the vest and the trousers.  Head and hair are needle felted.頭部與頭髮是針氈做, 手腳衣服都是濕氈法.
"Go go go..... let's go to the bush."
"Ah, the sheep is following us!"
"Can you hear the echo of waves?"
"This bay is tranquil."
"Yes, quite."
A moody Sunday morning I walked to the pier....... 
Lots of sampans and boats.
Up to the hill ....
Caught my sight are the Delonix Regia (Flame of the Forest).  Love the flare like flowers. This cheered me up. 
Blooming and withered.
Needle felt is not my favour, not to mention figurine making. My first trial to do the pair. They're not match but still good.  If one day I have to give them away they're always a pair.
"Oh, I'm falling  噢 !我掉下了."
"I hold you tight, we're always together.有我扶你一把"
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  1. A fine pair, indeed - well done!

  2. your newest creations are amazing, the features are perfect, he looks very manly! She so delicate, it must be wonderful to live where you do, to have such aview when walking, so light and fresh and geen, the water is so calming, have a wonderful day,

  3. Terrie, your couple is just wonderful. A perfect pair. The Delonix regia tree is beautiful. Such a beautiful place for a walk.

  4. I love this post! You have made the perfect pair. And the Schnauzer and sheep are so adorable! I'm glad they went on a little adventure today.

  5. The perfect couple, Terrie and how lucky that they can enjoy your beautiful walks...

  6. What a sweet couple! :) Love it Terrie!

  7. You are having way too much fun!

  8. Awww Terri they look like a perfectly happy couple, you did an awesome job and their clothes are really great :) You do have a gorgeous view were you live and that tree is spectacular xo

  9. And now you need to make them some children so this happy couple can be even happier. Oh those flowering trees would take your breath away for they have such beauty and such vibrant color. I could look at them for hours they are so beautiful. Thank you for sharing.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

  10. They are wonderful Terrie!! And the little animals are soooo cute! I think you do a fantastic job of felting whether needle or wet... these are adorable!!


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