Thursday, May 17, 2012

Fun doing in lunch break午間偷閒

Our offices are in the remote hi-tech zone.  There're no shopping mall, no grocery store but a peaceful harbour.  Usually I like to stroll along the promenade after lunch.  It's cool to walk along and see the music fountian in a hot summer day.  These days weather forecasts are no good, showers or thunderstorms are expected  for the whole week.   Well, just grasped the lunch time to do a simple thing. 
 My colleagues J & K are interested in wool felt.  This day my pleasure to guide them to make an iPhone pouch.   
 They laid the wool and  found it's amazing with  only  water and soap can do such tough goodies.
 After steps of laying, fulling, rubbing.....
 Here the finished looks. Both sides are pretty. . 

My imagination  related to the lavender field in Gorde, Provence for the color of purple.
Field with little yellow flowers among lavender.

The blue one recalls my friend's painting drawn in France, also fields of lavender.

Indeed K wanted it an aqua look with seaweeds and tortoise.  Where's the tortoise? We don't have time to make the details.  Anything goes well with own imagination.!!   

Here're steps of making.

J & K said it's fun  like playing magic to have done such pouches without stitches or seams.  Going to be smug and we're expected to do a purse or something in detail.
Yes, a few years ago when I saw a pouch in a crafts market of wool felt, I immediately love the amazing craft and dug the ways of making it.  I'm most happy to offer the skills just want more people to explore the versatility of wool.
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  1. Wow! A creative and fun way to teach others. The pouches are beautiful.


  2. You truly captured your inspiration images in your wool pouches. They are so beautiful!

  3. Terrie, you are so good to match your colors with your memories! Just beautiful!

  4. You have proven that one does not need an art studio, a spare room or fancy supplies to create lovely artistic works. Also, that so much can be accomplished in such a little space of time. WOW!

  5. Wonderful!! You know, I was looking it up and trying to see if I could do this but I must have read the wrong stuff because it all looked so complicated. The style I was reading about took certain things that I couldn't work with (I forget now what they were)...but your process looks so easy... is it called 'soap process' or something... I'd like to look it up. You've got me really wanting to make something :)

    1. Thank you MaryL, this is sort of "wet felt". Very simple and least tools. Just need to buy the merino wool that are good and easy felt. You can make one following the steps. Hope you enjoy it.

  6. So pretty. The deep aqua I love!

  7. What a great idea, Terry, to do that during your lunch break. And the pouches are very beautiful. I will be teaching a class tomorrow and they will be making a pouch or purse with resist.


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