Saturday, April 21, 2012

Another new toy 又一新玩意 ?

Mogi, "I got a new toy !"

That's mine, I got a new toy. Just bought this iPad for light travel. While I put it on the desk, Mogi is too naughty to scratch on it. Judy rang my bell I've to make a wool felt cover to protect it.

That's why I made it.

I laid the wool on a resist and cut the prefelt to do the cat shape. Then put on flowers to do the rest . All done by wet felt.

I love cats. In the past I made some ceramics....... Dish of cat, cat holders, cat box, cat tea set. Black and white cats are my favour.

Right after I made the pouch, Mogi immediate occupied it.

He finds comfortable laying on any flat object, no matter a file, a book or a box.

Years ago I bought a door stopper of this black cat from London.

My cat Tiger thought this stranger was a real intruder. Stupid Tiger. Oh, poor Tiger. He's only 4.5 years old and left us all in a sudden. We miss him.

Mogi also feels a bit lonely. Though we love cats. We still hesitate for another one yet. Keeping a cat is a life commitment. They bring us loads of fun and laugh but some behaviors we've to tolorate. (A secret, a shame... he pees in the dining room at times recently !! We do not know why ) I better make something of cats just for pleasure...... a ceramic or a wool felt cat is rather easy to care.


  1. Lovely iPad cover...looks like Mogi loves it too. Pets are a lifetime commitment, but they are so rewarding! Mogi reminds me of my cat Frosty!

  2. Mogi looks very comfy on the new toy!
    Love the felt cat, looks beautiful.

  3. Mogi has adopted it. He has good taste, of course! I love cats too..I now find enjoyment is seeing the lovely cats of others. Thanks, Terrie!

  4. Mogi is very beautiful, as is the wool case. As always . . . your talent astounds me. Maybe you should open an Esty shop . . .

    1. Amy, you're sweet. Not yet have anything on Etsy. If one day I've a shop I'll do more creation. Your stitches / quilting are wonderful. Sassy is a beauty!

  5. Mogi is a beautiful cat and your Ipad cover is too. Sorry for the loss of Tiger.

  6. Terrie it could be Mogi has a urinary tract infection. Sometimes cats do that when they have that. He is a beautiful cat and well loved by you and your family. The pouch for your new toy is another pretty you have made. Mogi is smart to want to keep it for himself, lol
    Susanne :)

  7. what a great bag to put your new toy in! You did such a beautiful job! Mogi looks very content sitting on it!!! Its a big decision to take on another pet, if time is right it will happen, Mogi is well loved, besides he always has the kitty door stop to talk to and it doesn't talk back!

  8. This is awesome! I also love the blue shirt you made shown on last post, very beautiful and unique!!!

  9. Darling cover for your new ipad. Cats love yarn and wool and they can be bad kitties making messes, too.

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