Sunday, April 8, 2012

Eco print top 植物印染上衣

Eucalyptus print is my favour. I made on a chiffon and done this simple and light top in Easter holiday. 這些桉樹印染一向是我最喜愛做的, 印在雪紡紗上特別明顯輕柔, 復活假期做了這件上衣. I don't know the proper name of this kind. Not planted locally. I only bought from florist.
I put the leaves on a chiffon. The brown pieces are bark of the local euc which gives brown color on fabric. As usual I rolled and steamed for 30 min. and left overnight. I particularly love this breed of leaves which always give bold and red.

On the whole piece of the printed chiffon, I put a very thin merino wool over the middle of the chiffon. Made an oval shape as the neckline.

Rolled the part with the wool for about 100 times, opened it and rubbed with hands lightly. Wool migrated with chiffon.

I cut the neckline and embellished with some glass beads. Mogi's monitoring me to make sure I'm doing well !

I then machine sewed both waist lines. Passed the quality control. That's it.
I love doing this sort of euc leaves on chiffon. Prints are bold and airy.

A light shawl is fine in any season.

A simple top just finished in a few hours. I'm now doing a fabric handbag with this leaves print. Thought it goes well for my travel. It's underway. Will show it when finished.


  1. Once again, you have made a beautiful top! I love the beaded neckline. So delicate!

  2. Love, love, love the top!!! The beads look fabulous!!!

  3. Terrie, there is just no stopping you! I tell you, you have to start selling your orginal designs. They are lovely!

  4. I love the thought of wearing a piece of art. The beading at the neckline is a lovely touch.

  5. Terrie, I bet every time you step out of the house in one of your lovely creations that everyone fusses over how pretty the clothing is and how pretty you look. It must be like a fashion show. You should open a shop and sell your lovely tops and dresses. The beads are a special touch. Love it!
    Susanne :)


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