Friday, April 6, 2012

Day trip to an island 再訪村中朋友

Today I left behind my crafts tools. A day to visit our couple friends living in a remote village on Lantau. It's our 3rd time of visit in a year. I love this village since our first visit. 今日是復活節假期, 我們第三次到離島探望朋友. Traffic was not busy but weather was grey with little rain.

Cotton tree was in blooming - symbol of warm days coming.天色灰暗有些雨紛, 木棉盛開, 但不算嫣紅

Little house of our friends. 朋友的小房子

A storage house 鄰家在炊煮茶果

Neighbour's cooking a sort of traditional herbal cakes.

Our couple friends love the tranquility living.

Not many villagers but lots of cows. These are stray cows roaming everywhere.

They're tame and protected by kind people. 逍遙自在的牛群, 雖然是流

浪牛隻, 但是受保護的.This calf is only a few days old.

We went to the sandbar. It's low tide. A lady got some oysters. 潮退的灘頭可拙出蠔

Kites playing

Digging clams

Happy days for kids.

Tides brought some seaweeds to the bank and left the sand marks.

A day with high tides, low tides that's the cycle we can not change.

Views are pretty but our minds are sad as our friend S is struggling for illness. This is a beautiful place. S&L you brought us here. We wish you be strong. We'll come back. 景色依舊但心情灰暗, 因為我們的朋友 S 正與疾病戰鬥. S&L是你給予我們認識這一片

美麗的山丘及小灘, 願你們堅強, 我們會再來.


  1. what a beautiful day out, this is a lovely village, i think I remember your post of your other visit, the cows are a curiousity to me, how does no one kill them for food, Its so refreshing to know of a place on earth where compasionate people allow wild cows to roam free, (other than India I mean), its such a lovely village, the herbal cakes, are they for health purposes or just a food,

    1. Laurie, the stray cows on the island are fortunate not be eaten. They're rarely hurt by people who found their plants damaged by them. Luckily still cow are loved by most. I love them !! The herbal cakes are made of a kind of leaves (natural dark in color) and good for health. Said that it clears the "bad substance" in body. Thanks for your kind wishes to our friend. It's sad to see a friend who's in bad status.

  2. I'm so sorry I forgot to say how sorry I am that your friends health is comprimised, I was just showing my husband the photos when I found i had forgot to comment on this, I wish for good health to return to your dear friend.

  3. Terrie, it looks like a wonder place to spend time with your friends. I'm just sad for the illness of your friend.

  4. Terrie, this is such a beautiful post. I too am sorry for your friends failing health. I'm glad you got to go and visit. I'm also glad you shared your visit with us. I love seeing your pictures! You take good ones and I always feel like I'm right there! Thank you!

  5. Lovely photos. I'll hold healthy thoughts for your sweet friend.

  6. Terrie, it is good that you went to visit your friends and I am sure they were so happy to see you. I hope that your friend S has a speedy recovery and well again. Living in a quiet place is good for it helps keep stress away. I hope next time you go visit your friends it is a happier and healthier time with everyone doing well.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

  7. what a lovely trip :) and you are right, the cows are very sweet, especially the calf! hoping that your friend S is back to full health soon :)x


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