Monday, April 16, 2012

Blue, blue I'm not blue 撥開烏雲見蔚藍

Pastel blue is one of my favourite colors.

Today is raining. Weather forecast even for the whole week will be raining. What a gloomy week ! What matter most is color will change mood. Looking at the nuno felt top I made last weekend. I'm not blue. 近日烏雲密佈, 太陽也躲起, 藍天不現, 祗要好心景, 每日都是蔚藍天.

夏天將至, 我仍醉心做我的羊毛創作, 朋友問香港那麼熱, 穿有羊毛成份的衣物不是很熱嗎? 我說祗用少許羊毛以雪紡做的衣物是輕而薄的, 日前我做了這件雪紡上衣, 不是很清新嗎?

This photo was taken last Sunday near my studio. It's a fine day with breeze.

Here in Hong Kong, weather in summer is humid and hot but still I can make apparel with wool. My friends asked if it's hot to wear something made with wool. I said not really if we just use a little wool to make a nuno felt dress or top like this is airy.

You see I only used a little bit of merino wool on the upper part of a crinkle chiffon base.

Materials are only merino wool, mulberry silk, scraps of chiffon.

Same as I did before. This is a one-piece chiffon without cutting. I put the foam resist in between then scattered some white merino wool on the upper part and along the waist lines then covered the chiffon.
Put scraps of chiffon, mulberry silk, merino wool over the upper part.

Done the rolling and light rubbing. The agitation made wool felt with chiffon to form the special textures and the waist lines "attached". I cut the neckline then the top is made. Basically no needle is required to make a top like this.

I used the same crinkle chiffon with merino wool to do a "rope" around the waist.

Close up of texture

Front and back look.

I like to do apparels for all ages. I need a young look to enhance my piece. My daugter just got married. Yesterday when she's back from honeymoon I grasped her to show it.

Nuno felt is a wonderful thing. The texture is what I want to make. This shawl goes well with my gown on daughter's wedding.

My marvelous piece ! Am I boasting ......?!

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  1. Maybe a little justifiable boasting!

  2. How lovely and tranquil those blue tones are. And I don't think you need to boast - that lovely piece speaks for itself.

  3. Oh Terrie, This is one of THE most beautiful things I have ever seen created!! I am nominating you for a blog award for your always interesting and informative blog too. Will send you a email later to explain. I am so excited about your creations and it is GORGEOUS on your daughter, what a special moment!! The colors are my favorite too!

    1. Brenda, you're so sweet for the nomination. I'm in cloud nine. What I wanted to do are only experiments. Wish to share and gain knowledge to improve my creation. Love to hear feedback. Thanks

  4. Your newest piece looks like it is embellished with ribbons and flowers. So pretty!

  5. You go right ahead and boast Terrie...It is beautiful. I love the color and it's gorgeous on your daughter.

  6. Beautiful colour and top! I wear nuno felt in the tropics here, I love it, it is nice and airy and feels lovely. Although right in the middle of summer, no way. Keep up with the beautiful work, Terrie.

    1. Thank you Lizel. We've the same mind of felting. You're a GREAT artist. Love the dresses felted with wool and lace, also your eco-dyed apparels.

  7. You have every right to boast, heavens, that is like the sky with clouds and looks as light as a feather, how delicate and feminine, so lovely!
    Susanne :)

  8. Wauw Terry, the clothes are very beautiful. Nice coulours!

  9. Hi Terrie,

    Boost all you want it's gorgeous.


  10. Very beautiful, soft and delicate work!
    This top reminds me morning sky in the March..
    Have a wonderful day!

  11. that is gorgeous!! I suggest you come link this up with us at

  12. Hi Terrie: I'm Connie at, your new GF friend. I would love it if you stop by and be my friend, too.
    I love the beautiful blouse you made. Thanks for sharing.

  13. I keep coming back to look at this. Was felting with Heather today and we decided the next felting time we get together we are going to make a shirt like you do. This is so beautiful.

    1. Thank you Ladyfishfelt. How wonderful you live close to Heather. You both great minds. So glad you love the way of my blue top making. It's rather easy and airy in summer.

  14. Hi Terrie!
    This gorgeous beautiful fine feminine extra structure!
    We congratulate you from my small flower morning glory:

  15. Such a pretty light blue tunic. Look at you, Terrie, the beautiful mother of the bride. Congratulations to you and your family!


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