Monday, January 2, 2012

Cool! A woolly bag keeps me warm 暖暖的型酷袋

My 2011 wrapped with my last creation of a woolly bag which keeps me warm for this winter. I love the curly long wool. This bag is made of a few sorts of wool - Alpaca (駝羊毛), Finn wool, Wensleydale curls, white Mergelland, Mohair .... Oh, all these names are not familiar with me. I must thank
Kim for sourcing these fantastic wool. The package I received just on time before Christmas. So my holiday was fulfilled with lots of "creations".
我的悠悠長假要完結了, 明天又要上班回復刻板。 這十多天的假期又充實又多產, 做了這個毛茸茸的手袋, 可溫暖極了 ! First I laid layers of wool on a bubble wrap template.
Then made the side pocket with another bubble wrap underneath.

After "rock n roll" and all the throwing procedures, here come the whole thing.

I sewed lining with inner side pockets. This looks nicer and functional. Attached the leather straps and .......

an owl - my own handmade ceramic owl and leaves as well ceramic button on the outside pocket.

袋子有內裡, 有內袋及外袋, 還飾以我自己做的陶瓷貓頭鷹、 葉子及鈕子. I stitched them on the white curly wool. The look I call "An owl riding on the clouds" !! 我特意把貓頭鷹釘在白色的長毛上, 就叫做「貓頭鷹騰雲駕霧」!

On the outside pocket I also put the silk chiffon with nuno felt skill to have this special texture effect.

外袋子用nuno felt 技巧加了雪紡做特別質感. The grey long curly wool is the look I like most.

It's light, it's warm, it's trendy (what I thought so ??!!)

In a cold winter day cuddling this woolly bag is so warm.

The back look of the bag. When it's not in use, as a seat mat is so soft and warm !!

I usually make the whole things as much as possible all handmade by myself. But for this bag, the leather straps are a bit hard using my sewing machine. I took the bag to the shop for machine stitching the 4 ends of strap. OMG, it costs me HK$50 (almost US$6.5) for this simple double-line stitching around the bag. The labour charge is costly in Hong Kong. HK$50 can buy a very pretty bag !! I still let it done as my woolly bag is unique (OOAK). Is it so?

通常我的手作都是我自己親手整件完成,但這手袋的皮帶子太實不能用我的衣車,唯有拿去店子做, 這個祗須車兩行線的工序要HK$50元, 香港地人工貴啊 !我還得要付, 因為這是我的獨一無二的製作, 多付一點也值得吧 (心想!)

I'll use this bag to the office. My looooong festive holiday ended today and tomorrow all routines back to track.
Kim's wool is really wonderful. I've already done two mats and two handbags in 10 days. Yesterady, I marked the New Year day with an "artwork" done with these wool. Will post in the coming days. Hope you'll come again.

Until next time.
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  1. it turned out into a super nice bag Terriea!! love to see what you make with it. Keep on posting ;-)

  2. Terrie--It's a wonderful bag and a great size for using on your commute to work!!
    Do you have a sewing machine which would accept 'leather needles' (cuir)? That's what I use to sew my leather straps and it works great. You just have to remember to change it often as it does get dull. XXO-

  3. My machine will also sew through leather using the leather needles. Sometimes machines won't accept the thickness even with a strong needle.
    This bag is stunning! You do look like a fashion model in those photos. Very, very stylish. And best of all....all made by you.
    Well done!

  4. That's a beautiful design Terrie. Happy New Year.

  5. Hi Terrie,
    What a lovely art purse! Love the little owls on it. I'll have to come back to visit your blog soon so I can see all the projects you have made with your new wool felt skills. Have a warm and wonderful new year!

  6. Its beautiful!! I have the little ceramic bird you gave me pinned on my bag too!

  7. Beautiful bag Terrie! I love the owl button as a special embellishment!

  8. The bag is outstanding!!! I just love the look of raw wool on bags, and enjoy carrying mine, too :).

  9. Following you via Freestyle Friday.

  10. Beautiful bag! Great design and colours!


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