Saturday, December 3, 2011

Beauty through my impaired eye 我視障所見的色彩

Friendly reminder. This is a pretty wool felt flower but my post here mention you may feel uncomfortable.

Three days ago I'd an eye operation of Pterygium removal. A kind of membrane removal due to my long time sensitivity to ultraviolet. Planned to have a 30-min operation but finally took 1.5 hours. Though I was partially anaesthetized, I can hear and see the images of knife and feel every motion of thread stitch ! It's scary and nervous. Whenever I see something uneasy, such as injection or tooth polish, I've to close my eyes but doing this operation I'd opened wide my eye and know what's going on. My heart was pounding.

The 1.5 hours was like a year long on the threatre bed. Finally finished and my eye was covered with bandage for 24 hours.

I thought only one eye is impaired I can see clearly with the other. In fact it's uneasy in the first few hours as my hurt eye couldn't open wide, single sight was not clear, floor was uneven. Whenever I blink, I felt pain.

After 24 hours my bandage was removed but still a bit pain and not clear. I've nothing to do and don't want to waste time. Found doing something I love can kill pain. I started to make a wool felt book cover again. This is also a challenge for myself if I can make use of my weak eyes. I made it. (But I told my hubby I can't make dinner I've pain and can't see well ! Is it an excuse?) In fact something we like to do we can manage well, otherwise it's an excuse. I always think of Laurie who does amazing paintings.
This is the book cover I just made yesterday.

This is how to make it. I bought a writing pad, glued the hard covers on front and back, wrapped a foam sheet to make it thicker and softer. Nuno felt the wool cover and sewed it as the book cover and stitched on thenuno felt flower. That's it.

I made one book mentioned in my last post
I know this sort of book cover looks nice. I'm happy that I can make it after my operation.

I can even make this nuno felt scarf and already given to my pottery studio owner CC.

I've a belief if we've confidence in doing something we can make it. So on the 9th Dec is our wedding anniversary, I promoised hubby I can prepare the BBQ for the celebration with family in our renovated patio. (No excuse this time.)

Mogi said " it's not worth a single glance".
Oh, really? I hope to give it away to someone who loves it.

This is a 90-page, 18 x 25cm single line pad. Any one would like to take this away, please just leave your comments before 9th Dec. I'll generate the winner and mail to your doorstep. Finally I must thank for Rutenis who inspires me to make this book cover. Her line of books is amazing. Anyone would love to buy from her may contact her Eziukstis


  1. Another beautiful book cover! It's lovely, I'd love to win! Thanks for the giveaway.

  2. Terrie--I'm sorry to hear about your surgery and painful recuperation. I hope that you will heal quickly and completely, and that you will have less pain each day. Congratulations on your wedding anniversary. Is it a 'special number'? XXO-

  3. I'm so sorry you had to endure this procedure, thankfully its over now and the healing can begin.Will you have to have the other eye done as well? I hope not.It must have been very frightening t be alert while this was going on.I alwats shut my eyes when frightening things are being done so I understand how uncomfortable this was for you.I smiled when yuou said you told hubby you couldn't cook, thats a good one, you did a beautiful piece of art though as always, just beautiful!!!!

  4. Terrie, Your book cover is beautiful. I'm sorry you had to go through the eye surgery. I hope it heals quickly and you don't have to go through it again on the other eye.
    Have a Happy Anniversary.

  5. Wow Terrie, the book cover is beautiful! I am sorry you had to have your eye worked on...hopefully it will be better now!

  6. Oh dear girl I am so sorry to hear about your suffering and that scary eye surgery. I hope you have a speedy recovery and less pain. It is wonderful we have doctors who can make improvements in our well being. Even with one eye you still managed to create something so lovely. I hope your husband fixed you an extra special meal for all your suffering.
    {{{HUGS}}} Susanne ♥

  7. Terrie, I'm so glad you are recovering well. What a wonderful attitude you have. Your book cover is beautiful.

  8. Love you blog, love your beautiful felt covered book and sending love your way from Ireland! Hope your eye feels better soon. Nicola

  9. Absolutely gorgeous!!! Mogi has no taste! lol!It is beautiful!! So glad your ordeal is over and now you can heal... sorry you had such a rough time though :(

    Happy anniversary early!!! :)))

  10. Terrie, I do hope your eye heals properly... and your art transcends all can even create it blindly! Take care, andrea@townandprairie

  11. Terrie I do hope that your eye heals completely, and I found it wonderful that you distracted yourself by creating something so delightful! What a beautiful spirit you have.
    I would love to know how you made the bookcover - did you stitch it directly onto the hard bookcover?
    God bless x Deborah in Belgium

  12. Hello Terriea, I can relate your story of your impaired eye.. I had to have surgery on both of mine several years ago.. But I did not make such a lovely book cover as you did... Very very lovely indeed. Hugs judy


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