Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Hand written vs digital notes 數碼年代的書信

The other day I was out while my girl called me from home. She said that the note book on my desk was pretty and unique. I said I made the cover and told her to take it if she like. She said she didn't use paper note pad. Well, I know nowadays people, particularly the younger ones mainly use digital gadgets.

我用羊毛加植物印染做了一個筆記簿的書皮, 女兒說很漂亮特別, 我說喜歡的隨便取去用, 她說她不用筆記簿, 用不著哩。 現今電子數碼年代, 他們也少用記事簿; 更惶論執筆寫信, 這小簿子留待愛寫文字的知音人好了。
I made the book cover with nuno felt and plant prints. I tried eucalyptus leaves and a few unknown types of leaves. Outcome is not that bright or bold. I sewed it on a book cover.

Embellished with a nuno felt tag. Thought this looks better.

The eucalyptus leaves effect is a bit clear, others not.
The touch is so soft. It's good for a personal use.In a digital era people find email is more efficient and direct. But I still have a few friends whom I communicate via letters. I also keep all my good friends' letters from the start. We treasure the hand written words. Some are using fountain pens. Oh, it implies we're old??!!

Very often I receive postcards from friends while they're travelling.

I've got many postcards. They're so beautiful and each has it's memory from friends. My sitting room used to have a big mirror but it got dirts from the other side. So I put the postcards over it. When I look at it, I know who sent me and how they enjoyed their holiday.

Oh, Mogi is too fat and slided down !

I appreciate handwritten letters. My father wrote me letters when I was young. He encouraged me and gave me advices through my life. I still keep his letters. Time flies, it's decades ago. Nice to re-read the letters over a cup of tea. My colleague Irene gave me the roses tea. Hummm.... fragrance of roses.

My friend Sue, from America made me a stitched pillow cover with the letter "T" - my initial. Good to enclose the special letters with it.

This wool felt coverd book who would find it useful? I hope it'll go to someone who appreciates hand writing.

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  1. Terrie, I love your book cover. It is nice to have hand written notes and letters. I wish I had saved more of mine.

  2. beautiful memories Terrie, you have such a lovely home and I love mogli, so sweet,I really like the idea of postcards from all over,

  3. your book is beautiful. even though we're in a digital age, i still have little books, journals, sketchbooks around where i hand write. i have a pack of letters from years ago from my mom, dad and some of my students. it is nice to look back and remember.

  4. The book is absolutely gorgeous and feel so warm just to know how much you treasured the letters from your friends!

  5. Passing you a little surprised -- check out at

  6. I have saved almost every letter l received since meeting my husband 40 years ago..his love letters, my children's letter from Boarding school and Uni and afterwards, all my postcards and cards from friends. I am sorry people use email so much and yes l still use a fountain pen. We shall be old together! Haxx

  7. I keep all of my handwritten letters too. They are more valuable to me now more than ever because so few people hand write anymore.

  8. I love handwritten letters! and notes! and paper! Hopefully they never cease to exist. The book is beautiful - I'm sure lots of people would appreciate it.

  9. How absolutely beautiful!! I agree about hand-written letters and notes. I save all my cards and have many letters. I have often thought lately of starting to send out postcards again to family and friends on their birthdays...used to do it all the time but have gotten out of practice...I think its time to start up again...thanks for the reminder :)

  10. It is sad that the days of hand written letters is almost a mere memory. I believe in writing letters, postcards, notes and thank you cards by hand. But I'm old fashioned for sure. I too have saved many letters from special people in my life.
    I do enjoy your artwork so very much!

  11. Hello Terrie,
    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I'm feeling much better today and smiling! We have much in common - I love art, nature, travel, and cats, too! Your art is beautiful! I'm your newest follower.
    Hugs, Cindy

  12. Oh, I love pretty books and journals! I write in my journal every day of my life and have for years! I love your sweet post and your wonderful postcard collection! ♥


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