Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Bag of friendship 友誼滿載

A tote bag made of rust print on silk, then wool felt and stitches.

Mogi is inspecting it. Is it alright? Mogi.

This little something is always my helper (or intruder !).

This is a silk fabric with rust print but I found it too much too dark. Better to do something to make it another look.
I put on some merino wool and wet felt into the silk.

Since the silk is oxidized with rust thus wool is not much entangled. I stitched roughly along the outline.

Looks a bit better with these sharp flower on the grey piece. Love it a bit but still wanted to transform it into a pretty thing.

I took out a plain tote bag made months ago.

Sewed the rust printed silk and cover on the tote bag, just like a double lining bag.

Here's the finished look. I like the soft feel and the grey/silver tone. I gradually love the eco-print which looks organic.

A bag I can do some grocery shopping.

A bag to carry books. I used it to carry my lunch pack to office today.

Both sides of the bag.

The bag I made recalls my time with Ria in Holland. She's a great hand in stitches, patchworks and paper crafts. This pretty bag she made stitches by stitches. Her works inspired me a lot.

We shared the crafts ideas. I showed her to make a wet felt tulips picture in the beautiful backyard.

She made it.

Ria has a long time friend in the States. She's Sue. They both have the same good crafts talents. Via Ria I know Sue and we have correspondence for a few months. Yesterday I back home after office I got a surprise package from her. She's so nice to send me these lovely handmade gifts - a stitched pillow cover with the letter "T" (my initial), a towel with cross-stitches of butterfly and a crocketed pot holder. I really appreciate the thoughfulness of all these sweet things and admire the leisure and every touch of handmade idea.

Mogi "Mum has a bag full of friendship".

Yes, I'm so lucky to have YOU.
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  1. Lovely bag, Terriea. Very creative use of your dyeing experiments. Even Mogi thinks so! (I think he is a little jealous)

  2. Beautiful bag Terrie! Love your cat too..I have such a helper at my house too!

  3. That bag is really Fabulous!! Love the dark background and bright colors... also love the embroidered butterfly...what a great friend she is :)))

  4. What a lovely bag! And your cat is too cute!!

  5. O wow, I love the bag! It is so organic and I love the fiber textures. Everything you make looks so natural and earthy! andrea@townandprairie


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