Thursday, July 21, 2011

Treasure box with our loved ones 寶貝的寶盒

Come on Tiger, Mogi. Debbie's hosting Kitty Cat linking party. There'll be many lovely kitties to join. Wish Baby Kitty a fabulous BIRTHDAY. Let's dress up and going to ......
Do I need to put on shoes as well? Oh..., you're gorgeous to show up now. I usually do wool felt but doing something with our pets is wonderful. This box is made with furry ball Bonnie. I asked my friend Heidi to save some hair she combed Bonnie and made something with it.

Her hair is dark grey so I put some other wool on it to make it more colorful, also embellished with some crystal stones and glass beads. Cat's hair is easily felted and quite firm after dried. You see it can be a holder. I call it a "treasure box". Hope Heidi loves it.

我通常以羊毛做手工藝, 寶貝寵物的毛毛也可做手工, 我朋友Heidi 留下每日為貓兒 Bonnie 梳理後的毛毛, 我為她做了這個立體盒子.希望她喜歡.
This one is from my BSH Tiger.

And this square one is from Chinchilla Mogi.

Tiger is 3 years old. He's the big brother. When he's young he's quite adventurous and curious on everything. He's sturdy and quite alertive. Whenever he hears some strange sounds he'd jump up and scares.

Last year when the new Chincillar joined our family, Tiger was so jealous and acts as big brother. There're some rows luckily no serious flighting.

See..... they're so sweet at times.

Mogi has territorial behavior though he's the new comer. Wherever Tiger sleeps he wants to occupy it. This fluffy ball has the outlook of gentle and tidy but he unwillingly lets us comb hair, cut nails or clean ear. He likes sleeping on our lap that's different from Tiger.
Well, let me show you how to make a felted box.

First to lay the hair over a paper template (resist), cover with some colorful wool, wet it with luke soapy water and wrap the seams around the template. Turn it over and lay the hair to wrap wholely around the template. Cover with a tulle and put some soapy water to do the felting. Cut the center for the lid. Do some running stitches around the cutted margin just not to have a loose margin end. Do the fulling and make it round shape.

Embellished it with a felted flower it'll look brighter. That's it.

Having pets in a house is lively and making something with it is fun.

Have a nice time.


  1. Oh my goodness!!! These are absolutely fantastic!!! Love the square one especially and the added little black felt cats! So, so cute and wonderful!! I imagine these would sell like hotcakes!! Adorable!!

  2. oh my gosh these are beautiful,, how talented you are,, lovely cats also,, I also love the photo board,,

  3. Terrie, all I can say is WOW! Those are so cute and you are so clever to use the cat hair. Your trinket box is lovely and I saw your dolls on the last post and they are so sweet!

  4. Hi Terrie! Your Tiger and Mogi are such pretty cats! I have never thought of making something from cat hair! I certainly have enough of it at my house! What a nice way to have something to remind you of a favorite pet! Thanks so much for coming to Baby Kitty's party and for the birthday wishes! Happy weekend!...hugs...Debbie

  5. WOW! What beautiful furry children you have living with you!!!! I bet you are never without a loving purr to comfort! Enjoyed seeing you at Baby Kitty's party!!



  6. Terrie, your Tiger and Mogi are pretty cats.

  7. Who would think that you can make such beautiful things from cat hair. I love it!

    I once repaired a crack in the wall of our old house using cat hair in the plaster, to help keep it from cracking again. In the past, plasterers used horse hair for this ... I don't have horses. I DO have cats, however. It worked, because the crack is gone!

    Your cats are beautiful!

  8. I can imagine how comfy to hug the cats. Tiger & Mogi are really cute, and the owner is always so talented.


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