Sunday, July 17, 2011

Nuno felt dolls show you around my place- Stanley

I've added some more collection of my nuno felt dolls recently just wanted to experiment different chiffons entanglement with wool . I've to name these now borns. Is Nuna sounds pretty? OK, let me call it Nuna.

They're made of ceramic or paper clay bodies, rope limbs, wool+chiffon hats and dresses. Interested please read my previous post of how to make it.

Let Nuna Orange shows you Stanley where I've my little studio. We went up the trail to the mid of the hill. All year round there're lots of wild flowers. I don't know the names honestly. Some fruits of them are edible.
野牡丹花 Melastomaceae are typically everywhere in the mountain.
Stanley is on the south of the Island. The British and Canadian troops made their last stand before surrending to Japanese troop during the Battle of Hong Kong in 1941.
It is now a little district mixed with different elements. Down there are prime houses for the rich, government houses for grass roots, barracks for PLA (People's Liberation Army of China) even prisons. Surrounding is peaceful, beautiful with lushes and jade clear beaches.

Months ago there're lots of white wild camilia now become fruits. Things change from thriving to fading or verse versa.

These mini wooden houses in sculpture were only recreated in accordance to the original squatters on the hill side some decades ago. This was the artwork displayed in the corridor to show the historic development of the area by school project. Thanks to FYK Memorial School.

In the 90's the hillside of Stanley were full of squatters. After some years of transformation it become a well developed and harmonic area both for local and tourists. On sundays I love walking up the trails to have a breath breaking view.

Strolling along the waterfront is pleasing.

Main Street with lined bars and restaurants is packed with tourists on holidays.

Tranquil with fishing boats.

Nuna Orange is tired after some steps. Let's call it a day. Wanna to home? This will be going to J. A special wish for her.

These are waiting to somebody's home on special occasions.
Nice week to YOU. Until next time.
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  1. They're gorgeous! I love the photos of them.

  2. lovely post. Your dolls are beautiful and I enjoyed the tour!

  3. What an original idea! They're very sweet. I really enjoyed the photos of your area. How different the water front is from the hills! I'm your newest follower.

  4. What a delightful mix of colors!! They are so adorable and pleasing :))) Thanks for the great little tour of the area...enjoyed it :)

  5. oh what a sweet dolls you made!! and what and adventure she already had.. well done!

  6. What cute little dolls, and a clever way of using them in your photos.

  7. Your "Nuna" dolls are lovely, especially grouped together and in such a beautiful setting! Have a great week, Terrie :-)

  8. The dolls are all lovely! I enjoyed all the flower pictures too, and the photo's of the area. Gorgeous! I have not stopped in for awhile, nice to see your art continues so wonderfully!

  9. Wonderful photographs and beautiful scenery. Makes me want to hop on a plane and visit Hong Kong, and Stanley! Maybe someday!

  10. Beautiful photos and your dolls are amazing!
    - Adrianne

  11. I can just see you writing a book with your cute little dolls and their travels! Great photos!!!

  12. they are lovely,, each one like a flower.Thank you for sharing all the beautiful photos,,

  13. What cute little dolls! Thanks for the tour! Baby Kitty and the rest of the staff can't wait to see your fur baby at our birthday party! :-) See you Friday!...hugs...Debbie

  14. Thank you all for your sweet words.

  15. Really pretty dolls. Don't ask me to pick only one, i love them all.

  16. So chic! Are they hard to make?
    I would love to learn how to make them. This is amazing handmaid gift for any girl (and many women), friends, daughters..

    You have magic hands!

  17. You are SO creative, Terrie!!! The dolls are just adorable!!! Thanks for sharing such beautiful photos and a great idea to photograph the dolls this way...

  18. Hi Terrie, I've featured your Nuno Felt Dolls today...


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