Monday, May 9, 2011

Beautiful and happy Sunday 美好的星期天

It's a beautiful Sunday and Mother's Day. Walking up the Stanley Park in the morning, I overlooked the bay there're already lots of boats as a dragon boats racing was taking place for celebration of Buddha's Birthday.

It's a hot summer day with blue skies and clouds. Seems such nice weather is luxurious in Hong Kong even the seagulls were delighted for that.

Just love this little village, only a stone throw from the city. One side of the bay is with lined bars and markets and the other is a tranquil small beach.

In the afternoon my tiny flat was filled with girls for making the wool felt pouches. They're my daughter's schoolmate and friends. The talented girls were creative and made the nice iPone pouches.

These are colorful ! A few of them were given to their mums on Mother's Day. Thoughtfulness girls ! My day ended up with my sweet daughter and hubby in a Japanese restaurant for the dinner.


  1. The girls did a great job on their pouches! They look amazing!

  2. I'm just amazed at all the wonderful possibilities of needle felting! I wish so much that I could do it but i know it would be way to painful...So glad I can at least enjoy seeing others wonderful creations :)

    And thank you for the wonderful glimpse of your city and the boats!

  3. What a perfect day. I love the colorful flags flying and the sun shining.

  4. I love this post, Terrie! The girls made amazing pouches, they look professional! I too, enjoy seeing the sites in your city. I have never visited China, only Japan, and I loved it very much. Thank you for so much information :o)
    x, Val


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