Monday, February 7, 2011

2nd Newbie Party by Debbie

Thanks for Debbie Doos' 2nd Newbie party. It's fun to join. My blog is to share what's I'm doing in Hong Kong. I cover my work, hiking, cycling, travelling, crafts ideas .... what's more.... my naughty cats are worth to mention.
"Hey Mum, what's up? I'm hungry. Can't wait for my breakfast."
"See, it's already 9am, Mum's too lazy still in bed."

Whenever there's some "blocks", Tiger likes step up.
He doesn't aware the stream of the cooker !

"Hi, I'm the Champion !" Yesterday when I was doing my sewing, I put the sewing kit on the bench, he immediately stepped up.
"Well, it doesn't ring my bell"

Though I'm slim, Tiger's still too sturdy for we both sitting together.
"Mum, you occupied my seat."

"Thank you for stopping by. Hope you'll come back to see us."
Until next time.

Please join Debbie Doos Newbie party, it's great to spread out.


  1. So cute Terrie!!~ Thanks for joining me...please add my link indicating other newbies know. XO

  2. Ha... your cat is really cute!

  3. I'm hopping over from Debbiedoos...Your cat is PRECIOUS! He reminds me of my Amos! :)


  4. Oh my gosh. I really loved this. My cats are always doing the same things. I love when I sit down on them and they don't move! I found you through Debbiedoo's.

    You can check me out at

  5. Your cat is so beautiful..We have one right now and she lays across the step on the way to the basement and doesn't move...I guess she knows we are not going to step on her.

    Beautiful glad to be directed to you...

  6. Hi Terrie ,I am your newest follower ,cute cat I am looking forward to see more of our blog!

  7. Hi Terrie, your cat is so funny! :))) I got two of my own, they do exact the same thing....climb everything there is to climb on, occupy my seat...but I adore them...cats are something else, aren't they?

    I found your blog through Debbie's newbie party and I am your newest -I think- follower!

  8. Sweet and cute....your cats are so lucky to have you


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