Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My good old days in Provence 戀戀山城法國普羅旺斯

A bloggie asked me about travelling in France. Wow, I love France and immediately trigger me and really want to visit again. I retrieved a travel article written by me for a newspaper years ago about Provence where the culture and atmosphere are what I love the most. All those stunning views, lovely people and beautiful things reminisce my good old days. I visited again the year before. 網友問我有關法國旅遊體驗, 提起法國簡直觸動我的旅遊神經, 不其然翻看多年前我在報刊寫的法國南部普羅旺斯旅遊文字, 愛她的浪漫與文化氛圍, 年前重訪, 依然美好難忘.

(double click to enlarge views)

One of the beautiful tranquility villages. 蔚藍天空, 朵朵白雲, 座落深山的小山城,

Fragance of lavender you can smell everywhere in a summer day 盛夏的薰依草迎風搖曳,散發芳香

Norte Dame Nyon 的聖母院

Blooming sunflowers 盛放的向日葵令人心花怒放

Poppies are my favourite flowers 嬌艷的罌粟花是我最愛

Jean's painting exhibition and a booth of other painter in arts market

The famous Nyons Bridge and the painting of the Bridge from my friend Jean 晝家友人 Jean 送給我的晝作, 著名的 Nyons Bridge


  1. What wonderful pictures. Thank you for sharing them. It makes me want to pack my bags for France!

  2. I looked at your photos again and again, so pretty. I am seriously thinking of getting a new camera. maybe I would do better to just pull out the book and learn again how to use it?? I posted photos of Meghan's cat for you to see. Come by when you have a free moment =!.!=

  3. Thanks Sandee and Susanne. Meghan's Jack is a hefty boy. I love him, black & white cat is always so smart !

  4. Hi Terrie, thanks for visiting, nice to 'meet' you! Your work is so lovely. I just checked out your Flickr and I adore that wool and silk shawl - so beautiful! Wonderful photos of Provence. I've been to Paris several times, but would love to see the French countryside. Thanks for sharing those wonderful photos of flowers, love it all :-)

  5. Thanks Josie. Yes French countryside is stunning.


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