Sunday, January 2, 2011

An Inviting island - Po Toi Island 引人入勝的蒲苔島

On New Year day I went with family to the Hong Kong further south island - Po Toi Island for hiking. The island is famous for the rough rocks which let your imagination fly. 元旦日與家人往蒲苔島遠足. We took a 30-min ferry ride from Stanley to the island 從赤柱30分鐘航程便到達.
Decades ago the village was home to around a thousand people mainly fishman but drawn by booming city most has gone. It's very quiet now only a tourist spot during holidays. 數十年前島上有居民逾千, 大多是漁民, 隨後外遷, 現今剩下一些長者過著簡樸生活, 也袛是假日的旅遊景點 .
A tranquilty bay 寧謐的小灘.
Fishman and his harvest 漁民的漁獲.
Looking at the South China Sea 遠眺南中國海.
The twist trail leading to the hill where we can see some rocks. Let's open our heart and let imagination fly...... (double click to enlarge the pictures)
沿海小路往山行, 途經著名的石頭景點,
用一點想像力, 看看這些石頭似什麼? On the left is "Tortoise Rock" - a tortoise climing up the hill 靈龜上山.
Upper is "Pig's Head" and "Monk's Rock". Lower are "Conch Rock" and "Buddha's Palm Rock" 豬頭石, 僧人石, 嚮螺石, 彿手岩, 似嗎 ?

The deep blue sea and sky 碧海藍天
The island is mainly of rough rocks but still we can find some cactus and some kind of wild fruits島上山頭有不少仙人掌及一些野花果 .
People gone and houses abandoned. Only ruins now 人去樓空, 剩下殘垣.
A few houses are repainted for holiday houses. I love the purple one 有幾間房子塗上新漆, 看來是渡假屋, 我愛紫色的那一間.


  1. Terrie--Thanks for taking us along on your beautiful holiday!! What an amazing part of the world. I especially love the twist trail and the tortoise and Buddah's palm rocks!! Happy New Year!! XXO-

  2. Thanks Heather Woollove. When we escape from the cement high rises our scenery is really stunning.


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