Sunday, January 16, 2011

Capture the nature with wool 大自然予我的羊毛靈感

My daughter left me bottles of ice apple wine after the New Year countdown party. Just love the slim shape, I immediately wanted to do something about them ........
大除夕party過後, 女兒留下蘋果冰酒酒瓶, 我喜愛那修長的瓶子, 就用羊毛及大自然的心思把瓶子成為家居小擺設……
In a chilly morning, hubby and I went up to the hill behind my house in Stanley. We climbed up and up. There're lots of wild Camellia. The hill was covered with plenty of such white flowers.

It's cold but sunny with blue skies. The withered branches with creeping purple floweres are livid. I captured the views. Back home, I wet felted the wool and with the ideas of the nature, made the glass bottle with the wool coat and put on the wet wool felted flower.
For the smaller bottle I put the beans I picked up on Po Toi Island. I find these hard beans so eye catching, red and black. Have never seen such bright color beans here and neither know the name of the plant. It's a rare breed. Wondering if the plant knows itself rare and wants to attract birds help breed the offspring !

I put these bottles on the little dining table of my second house. A sweet memory of our hiking and the nature.


  1. The landscape on the bottle is very pretty! The flowers on your hike were gorgeous!

  2. I especially love the bigger bottle. What an original way to capture what you saw on your hike!

  3. Thanks Kelly and Laura stopped by. Nature is full of inspiration.

  4. Wonderful project! The bottle and flowers are just beautiful and those seeds are really interesting.

  5. Hi Terrie, I love Camellias. They grow very well here in So. Cal. Do you dry the leaves and make tea? Pretty bottle!


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