Monday, August 19, 2019

Weekend students' and own botanical creations 教學與個人周日創作

Last weekend was a grey day but nothing can change our long time arranged botancial imprints making with colleagues.  Rosa and Rebecca were interested to learn the skills of making unique eco printed scarf.  It's a rainy day we can only do inside.  In the session they played around with assorted plants I gathered from the hill behind.   
這個下雨天, 舊同事Rosa 與友來製作天然植物印染圍巾, 家中鋪排完畢, 在加熱的時段大家閒聊玩貓, Mogi 對他倆特別歡迎親近, 逗得很開心, 時間尤其快過, 打開製品, 洗熨後馬上被上. 輕鬆的舊同事聚首暢談. 其後我利用剩餘植物印染皮革上, 隨即剪裁製作成一腰包, 就是這個下雨天的活動.

  Each of their layout on gorgette silk.  After wrapping the bundles then cooked for 1.5  hours.

During the cooking time, Mogi felt so good with their pamper.

All finished with unique prints.

There's leftover of the plants for students and I made use of them to print on leather.
Then I cut it to sew a purse

In the raining afternoon I peeled off the plants and immediately at night made the bumbag.

My second designed pumbag with detachable straps, can be a waist or cross shoulder bag and it's quite roomy I like.

Roomy bag with inner pocket and colorful zipper.
The other half of the leather print will be for a small purse. 

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  1. What fun you all had, and with such good results, too!


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