Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Lovely students' works 多棒的學生製作

For the last couple of days I have two students Kylee and May coming for private session of natural prints on silk and leather. Some of the works done as above.
 I teach eco printing of fabric very often but for the first time I taught natural botanical imprints on leather.  It's good to know some of my students like to do more experiments on fabrics and leather now.
Kylee came to explore our local plants thus I asked her to join my Sat cycling team while doing plants study.
We started the riding in the rural

We're into a sunflower garden along the stream

 Our team member Herman is a photographer who took us beautiful shots
It's a sunny day in the sunflower field
Good biking with lots plants got along

Our captain is so kind to show us the scenic route.  Kylee was very impressed with our team.

 Next day we're doing eco prints with the plants gathered
 Kylee placed the plants for her first piece of experiment
 The plant Kylee got prints well
A silk scarf with shades of leaves
 Kylee likes it and I'm glad too.
 The following day I have a private teaching of leather prints.  
My student May started the cutting of sheep leather into a few swatches to try.
 Mogi is always so curious
 Leather prints and fabric prints making is a bit different. We do small piece to see how the plants react.  Some of the plants I got from rural and florist.  May also brought from her house the delicate leaves.  The prints on leather are bold and strong.
 The flower I love most
 Colors are fabulous.  Leather is so soft.

 Another piece of sheep leather with logwood dyes
 If you see closely you will notice the prints on different side of the leather with various textures

Thank my students Kylee and May you made wonderful prints

Indeed it's my first time I taught natural prints on leather.  As I can manage now I have also a pdf instant download leather prints tutorial in my ETSY or just click this link to view more.

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