Sunday, May 19, 2019

Fun day with small and BIG kids

"Cats, cats and cats......"
 Mogi, my cat displays what I was doing this Sat.
It's fun playing fibre creation - wool felt I adored a lot.......
貓貓貓.....全部都係貓.... 羊毛氈做的貓..
我家貓兒 Mogi 展示這些為小朋友義教的羊毛小手工
Wool is such versatile medium for creation.  I made some samples of 2-D cats to play with a group of kids.
 Headmaster of the village kindergarten Lillian Lui is team member of our bking team.  She's a prominent figure in Hong Kong education field.  What made me to create the wool felt cats is her adopted black cat "Ah Be".  She's not only devoted to the abandoned cat they adopted eight years ago when it was only 2 days old.  The couple's unconditioned care to children education is respected.  Lilian contributes her love and time to the kindergarten for almost ten years is very well recognized.  
機緣下與「五個小孩的校長」認識, 因大家都是單車隊一員, 這日為她元岡幼稚園小朋友義教羊毛纖維創作,主題是貓兒.
 Wool felt samples of  "Ah Bee"
就以校長家的貓貓"亞 Be" 做了樣本
In the morning with my two nieces Judy & Vicky we started fun play with kids in the kindergarten.... 
 We showed them just with wool fleece, soap and water ..... motion of little hands then they can make the cute little things...
以肥皂水洒在鋪好的形板上, 小手輕輕搓揉, 不一會兒小孩子已弄出貓頭子.
小朋友很專注學習, 有禮貌, 大哥哥大姐姐進園, 他們手牽手, 互愛的與我們說聲早, 主動收拾清理, 自己洗潔皂水, 也自覺的抺地, 很有教養的. 兩節小手工中午完, 孩子們開開心心回去, 與小朋友環節結束, 大朋友歡樂隨來........

 show them how to work

 they're so attentive...

 with laughs
After rubbing and rolling motion with little hands, they made the shape.
 She made the shape and said that she would like to give it to her cousin.
 Finished shaping, final washing
 "Hey, mine is pink cat."
"Mine is Hello Kitty."
 No matter black, white, pink or red are good cats
 The kids are so well taught. They know how to share, how to appreciate each other.

 They're well taken care by each other.  I can see how the elder one cares the younger ones.  When I saw them entering the school, they walked in hand in hand.  After washing their wool cat, they helped mopping floor.

 They're so happy with their handmade cats.
 and me too with the kind help of Judy and Vicky.  Lillian your kids are so adorable.
 Thank you for Herman's nice capture of the lovely kids.  We've a fun play in the morning.
 Almost all photos of this blog credit to him.
More fun yet to come when the team arriving after riding.  Lillian invited the team for a nice gathering after the wool felt session.
小朋友從元岡幼稚園回去, 我的單車隊大朋友進園.......
A special occasion.   Yes, who's birthday? 
 It's Captain Kwong's birthday celebration.  A secret invitation by Headmaster, a surprise for him.
我們給隊長驚喜, 呂校長特別送上生日蛋糕為他慶生.
 Happy Birthday!  We wish him biking long........till 120 years old !!!
隊員祝福鄺隊長長踩長有, 生活到120歲 !!

 Our biking group, almost everyone was present as we're great fans to the prominent figure - Lillian Lui.  The Principal of the moving story of a selfless teacher "Little Big Master".
此時濟濟一堂, 一睹「五個小孩的校長」呂校長之風彩 !
我們為校長無私奉獻的教學理念, 以生命影響生命, 肅然起敬 !
 Thank you Lillian you've arranged such a great day for the team.
We're stuffed and have good memory of the day.  

 We want to explore more our scenic routes with Captain Kwong, Pilots KW and Tai Hung in the near future.  Wish Lillian and Tung Tung can make more rides......
 Thanks for stopping by, biking till next....


  1. It looks like you and the children had a great time working with wool. I love all the cats they felted. They were very good students. Mogi I see is overrun by cats and very patient with them, he he. All the food looks so delicious. You have a nice group of people to hang out with.

    1. Truly a great day for us and the kids. Kids enjoyed fun play and we the team enjoyed the gathering.


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