Saturday, August 11, 2018

The sky the limit inspiration創意無邊際

The sky the limit. Riding makes me relax and creative. Sometimes being alone is enjoyable, particularly in the area I like to explore.....for my work or leisure.
Today is not energetic ride.  I'm in own natural printed dress riding in the suburb just to get inspiration. It's extremely hot and sunny these days but in a dress feeling breezy.
After an hour, back to studio. Lay back......looking at the footwear I painted the cats and rounded with my wool felt flower brooch sprayed with mosquito repellent. Isn'ts chic?!
Remember the flower prints done before? Windfalls picked on riding.....
Now made into a cushion
A step out of the studio is field with plantation with banana, papaya, sugar cane, okra......
Reading a book by our renowned fashion designer/columnist William Tang (鄧達智)about the stunning area is such pleasant.
Looking up......the ripening pomegranate 
crispy green/yellowish star fruit
This is where I found more creative with handy resources. 
I'm home with handful of banana leaves and other plants collected.
Just wanted to try the banana leaves as resist laid under the fabric.
Put assorted plants over the silk cotton blend (60/40)
Roll it up
Blend it and put into a sewed bag
Pull the string to tire it
Put on the tray steam for an hour
Open it with nice prints on fabric....hmmmmm .......pleasant smell of the steamed banana leaf. The leaves can be reused for another two more times or till broken.
How it looks? The images speak themselves.......
With banana leaves resist the background of  white prints tended a bit greenish yellow and  stop "breeding or ghost". It works for me though have to test colourfast.
I'm pleased with the resist for the prints, technique learnt from Irit Dulman

I tried a few big leaves such as papaya, taro and okra but banana is the best.
Taro and papaya are not reusable, once is broken.

Prints with okra as resist also with greenish background. 
The back and front comparison seems no different.
I reused the banana leaves for another round. This is crepe de chine (CdC silk) without any mordant. Just a few mixed onion skins with some alum soaked and the frozen strobilantes leaves then covered by iron soaked cotton fabric.
Roll up and steam for 45 min.
Second time use of banana resist is more clean with less greenish.
This is how my week passed with biking inspiration.
Love this bike, love the village.


  1. Mordant Is used on the fabric???

    1. The last sample without mordant but others with appropriate mordant.

  2. Beautiful photos,inspirations and new prints. I didn't realize that star fruits grew in Hong Kong too. I've never seen one hanging on a tree. That is cool. I love your blue (indigo) dress.

    1. Thank you for the link (in last post) to the indigo dying. It was lovely to see. I can see your indigo dress again. I think indigo is my favourite because I always love the colours blue and white together. It just seems so fresh.

    2. Seeing fruits on trees is fresh for me too especially we’re living in urban.

  3. Love the idea of a felt brooch sprayed with insect repellent - beautiful and useful!

  4. In India they serve food on banana leaves, another good use. Thank you for this lovely post.

    1. When I steam and open the bundle fragrance filled the room like cooking.

  5. Hi - love your post. I’m a bit confused, the blanket you use is pretty white in color, but the background of the finished fabric is almost looking like a madder dye color. Is there a step in there you didn’t show? Did the blanket give off that much color? Or did you over dye? Can you explain the missing steps?

    1. Thank you Marji for your interest. As my post is to inspire and get inspired with like-minded. Details are not going to discuss but hints. Background of the prints is effect of iron and tannin.


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