Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Pursuit the bounty of nature 那自然美的追隨

Pile of colorful natural printed fabrics just done with an Indonesia visitor M.  She's so enthusiastic of natural printing and wanted to play with flower prints. I said I can't and will not teach the techniques just learnt this year with Irit Dulman because of code of conduct and ethics of artists.  I can show the way what I've done with skills learnt two years ago in Spain with Irit whom heads up my sharing.  I said not all flowers can print and colorfast.  I can do local plants and rarely found the flowers I'm pleased but two of them so far are my favourite.   So we started to pursuit the bounty of nature........
I'm also serious to welcome my visitor M with the kit.
Mogi, looks puzzled who's the visitor is.......

Welcome M.....
Mogi greeting M's arrival..... 
Mogi is my helping hand, a guest teacher and our works approver.
 We used the windfalls, flowers picked on my biking and the ferns outside my gate and two kinds of eucalyptus bought from florist.

We tried wool flannel, crepe de chine, viscose, cotton, wool blend.....
Different species of eucalyptus prints nice on wool flannel without any mordant.
This prints on crepe de chine also without mordant looks bright. 
Then go further to do with different mordant, various fabrics with different steps.......

Outlines, shades and the flower prints are what make her impressive.

 The flower prints are delicate

 I like to do partial shades for the comparison.  Here's the sample prints done with different flowers
Prints on wool blend cotton (50/50)
The main flowers are Lagerstroemia speciosa and Hibisus tiliacenus,  we made piles of colorful prints with appropriate mordant for shades and colors.
 Thank you M for the long way coming to explore bounty of nature.  Hope you enjoy and experiment more the alchemy of natural printing.


  1. So many wonderful experiments!

  2. Your student and guest seems to have created a lot of beautiful things in her time with you.

  3. Your ideas are very inspirational. I like the idea of using more than one background color. And it has finally dawned on me that your designs are very much like sumi-e paintings, which I admire.

    1. Thank you Penelope for your sweet comments. Just like to do what I'm pleased.


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