Friday, July 13, 2018

Further experiments of botanical prints 植物印染深層研習

Right after Irit Dulman's workshop in Holland I'm home with lots ideas.  Plate is full and eager to test our local plants.  This is the one done mainly of Lagerstroemia speciosa and others.
I'm hooked to the new techniques from Irit and her formula of mordant is great.
When you view the video you may have the same feel as mine.

Mogi like it or not I don't care.  I love the taste and natural color of the "butterfly pea flower" (Clitoria ternatea)  from a friend.

These are the plants from a friend that I made prints onto viscose 
 The top end dyed in madder with shade of red

These are of different materials - left is viscose jersey, middle is cotton blend and the right is viscose.

The flower prints of Lagerstroemia speciosa is a magic.  Prints that I can't explain and no idea what pigments are.

 Oxalis, first introduced on the "discharge" technique by Irit Dulman is amazing
Irit's formula is wonderful.  With strong or weak mordant I can get different outcomes of the same plants.

These images actually of the same piece of prints I show in different angels.  It's a tube width knit cotton/viscose jersey.


The front and back with different prints and shades as intended.

I was struggling whether to dye or not to dye in madder.  I leave it as it is now simply a wrap.

The reversible back and front simply with the purse I made from the "prints carrier" which the eco printers may know what it is.  
I love the overlapped prints on the purse fabric I done in Dorie van Dijk's Atelier Fibrefusion.  Now a nice keepsake of my marvelous memory of learning in Irit Dulman workshop, Holland.


  1. Always beautiful and amazing.... inspiring me a lot Terriea... thank you for sharing...

  2. You have lovely experiments ahead of you, refining the new technique...


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