Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Days after Holland workshop

After Holland workshop, eco print master Irit Dulman and I went by train to Antwerpen, Belgium for a couple of days. It's a sunny and warm summer.  We explored the city on foot
Also it's weekend.  Not crowded but with fans of WorldCup in lined pubs.
We enjoyed shopping and stopped for the street performance.
A walk near our Airbnb is a botanical garden.  Wondering if the huge leaves can print?
Antwerpen is a  city of art.  First impression of the Central Station is marvelous and grandeur.  The video of my jaunt in the city.
After that Irit went home and I was on my way back to Holland to visit friend Kim.
Kim's adorable 8-month baby.  Sweet baby and Kim's master piece of wool felt in the house.  I knew Kim via network of same passion over 7 years.
Kim's girls and baby boy.  I have dinner and nice catch up with the family.

Holland is a country of bikes.  Almost everyone can bike.  I love biking and went to Maastricht for a short ride.
Along the river....
through the old city castle gate
Such a beautiful day !
My last day in Kim's village for a wood walk with baby. 
Before taking train back to Amsterdam Kim drove me to visit renowned felt maker/artist Annemie Koenen.  Annemie's so nice to show me her spacious studio and the awesome works.
I was honored to have a book of her story signed by her and the very beautiful wool/silk from Annemie.
A short video of my day in village Bunde with Kim

My last few days in Amsterdam were also sunny and brilliant with ex-colleague Radhika showed  me the area around and we did Chinese grocery shopping. 

I made her the spicy tofu and fried vegetable
 Also days in Amsterdam biking is my prime purpose of visit.  I jointed a countryside ride.
We cycled along River Amel
Back home with piles of eco printed fabric and head full of brilliant ideas.
I visited a friend in the countryside of Hong Kong.  Ms Fung gave me lots of leaves and flowers to try as well the "butterfly tea" that makes purple color drink.
First piece of prints with formula from Irit is very impressive.  Next I will show more about the new prints mainly of flowers.


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