Saturday, July 7, 2018

Botanical Printing Workshop Holland

I was absent for the last few weeks since out town attending a fabulous botanical printing workshop in Holland at Atelier Fiberfusing.  Workshop host Dorie van Dijk, instructor Irit Dulman.  The 5-day workshop was fantastic with new techniques learnt from master.  Facebook friends may have seen what those beautiful prints are.  I've made piles of different shades and colors with the local plants.  The flowers and leaves are gorgeous with the new skill of printing.  You will see the pictures below.

Pile of sample prints I made

 I stayed in the farmhouse B&B.  The country style ambiance is marvellous.  The Irish wagon was where I made the sweet dreams every night.
   When I woke up views of the  window with one side of sun rise the other with cows, horses and ducks in the stream.

A few of the workshop participants also staying in the same farmhouse. We're so happy heading to the studio......



  Elizabeth was so nice to make us the French meals, other days Italian food from Italy participants. It's a good chance to mingle with persons of same passion. 

 Always anticipating outcome........the new technique is amazing.  I just love the dark background with all those little flowers.
I forgot the proper names of the plants but the one with purple/ blue prints is prune.

The delicate purple and yellow flowers among the bamboo leaves
Red dyed in madder

Each part of the fabric with detail prints

 Weeds are even so pretty.  This is the post of part of the works done in Holland.


  1. So many strong, bright colours here!

  2. It looks like you and the others had a wonderful time of learning and fellowship. I absolutely love the new deep colours in the prints.

  3. as I knew would like it so much and you made such beautifull work


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