Friday, June 8, 2018

Purple love in June 六月紫愛

I found the making of a cowl neck tunic is rather easier for me than others. Just cut two pieces, the front and back then line the arm holes.   That's it.  It drapes nicely.  So these days I've sewed a few more.  This one I made for my sister.  Hope she likes it.
Mogi already approved the prints when I took it out of the dye pot.
This is the kind of flower (Tibouchina urvilleana) for the natural prints on silk.

The composition "before and after".  Silk is pre-mordant in alum overnight then bundle steamed for an hour.  Honestly I am not sure the colorfast of this flower.  I printed before but not washed often, it still stays for two years with little faded out.

Orange is from eucalyptus

Thought I would make a few more of the cowl neck top or tunic with my experiment panels.
These days I fond of purple.  From my stash a few very nice prints in purple tone I just wanted to do another garment.
Next post will be the finished garment I am going to show.  Stay tuned for the shots.


  1. Love the lavender colour of that print!

  2. 顏色鮮豔奪目這個夏天不簡單

  3. Piękne i jak zwykle perfekcyjnie wykonane.

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