Friday, June 1, 2018

Own grown prints of strobilantes garment 自家種植馬藍印染衣裳

Strobilantes prints on cowl neck top and tunic 
How nice to make own garments even printed with own grown strobilantes.  Strobilantes are typical for indigo dye but the leaves also print nice, not blue but purple.  The strobilantes in my pot is a few years old but still thriving.  The leaves are so large but not enough to make the indigo vat so I just like to do prints with them.  I have done many pieces of prints.  Here are the two garments I sewed recently with those yardages printed.

The cowl neck top printed with a few casaurina for the lines.  The raglan tunic sleeves printed with more for the rich purple tone.

 This strobilantes I got from the garden years ago when French master Michel Garcia was performing demo in that garden in Hong Kong (last post).

This is the placement of the plants and prints.
As usual when I tried the garment layout, Mogi occupies it.  He's a good company.
A sunny day for the shots near my studio after making the garments.

Sleeveless cowl neck top is comfortable in the hot summer.
The raglan sleeves tunic with pockets I like for the upcoming Europe trip. 


  1. Isn't it fascinating to see the leaves producing such an unexpected colour!

    1. It's so amazing for the purple prints from that green leaf.

  2. 看見你很享受自己的製作手藝 我也感染了你的喜悅 很高興看到你的製成品


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