Sunday, May 13, 2018

Natural prints on knit silk with windfalls 落葉的印染

This prints on knit silk with those leaves collected on biking.   Prints mainly of eucalyptus and lemmon marigolds leaves.
Last week I went to the suburb just wanted to get some windfalls. It's a leisure ride so I was in light outfit of my own prints.  The fallen eucalyptus buds are perfect for my experiments.  
Home with handful windfalls and done on knit silk with alum and tannin mordant.  I made double (mirror) prints, one with alum mordant, one with iron mordant so as for two shades of outcome.
Prints of eucalyptus buds with iron mordant 

"Before & After" of one placement for two prints in one go. 
Iron mordant print is khaki and alum mordant is golden yellow.
Two pieces of knit silk of the same plants with different tones done in one go.
This heavy knit silk drapes nicely.
It's such a good experiment on this sort of knit silk.
Technique of this mordant prints learnt from Irit Dulman two years ago.  Just love how variety we can do with such skills.
I gave this silver grey one to a friend who went with me for the biking.


  1. Yes, that fabric drapes beautifully, and shows off the prints very well, too!

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