Friday, May 4, 2018

Eco printed slow fashion 慢活天然印染時裝

More is more, less is less.....
Usually I like "less is more" but this eco printed outfit is made with fabulous prints from my newly fond lemmon marigolds.  Can't help to do experiments with different placement of that plant.
Have done lots of the panel prints and needs to make use of them.  Some had been sewed into tote bags
This one with assorted plants (flowers, leaves, ferns) but mainly with the yellow lemmon marigolds I just sewed into the long outfit.
 From the video you will see my "slow fashion" of the outfits made with the leaves prints.  It was a fine weekday afternoon I went to Tai Mo Shan, our highest mountain for the shooting. I love the area as the plants were from the village down in the mountain. 
 This outfit with organza sleeves for the "see-through" effect and the prints on wool blend front is solid.
 Sounds Mogi loves the golden yellow prints more.
The flowers are crown daisy

Red from madder dye
Sleeves and back are silk organza, front is silk georgette
 "Before & After" of the prints
Gray shade from tannin mordant
Pattern of the outfit I learnt from Revital Avidar.  The basic design is a pull over dress.  I modified it for the open front and ruffled collar of viscose dyed in cochinael.
A light outfit of different fabric and prints
I'm here among the undulating mountains.  I wanted to see further and do more experiments with natural prints.  Sky is the limit. 


  1. Lovely! You are getting much more complex and subtle results now, aren't you!

  2. I really love all the colours. Just beautiful!

  3. I love everything you are making, Terrie. ♡♡♡


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