Friday, April 13, 2018

Slow fashion - natural printed outfit 植物印染慢活時裝

Following last post of the new leaf prints, I've now made the fabric prints into garment.  That's the pattern learnt from Revital Avidar in Spain.  The raglan sleeves I like very much.  so I modified the pattern and made the outfit with a different style. 
Here's a short video of chilling out in a jockey club.  The outfit is light in summer breeze, style is fine on occasions.
The prints are mainly of leaves of tagetes tenuifolia (菊科) combined with onion skins and geranium.
 The other layout on iron mordant viscose and alum mordant silk for the different shades of mirror prints.  Bundles are steamed for an hour.

Composition before sewing.
Sleeves with prints of yellow flowers on chine de crepe done in Israel, front with gorgette silk and viscose.
Front part of silk and viscose. Photos speak themselves..........

I also printed a cotton swatch and done a purse with detachable strap.
 Be it a clutch or a shoulder bag for the outfit set.
Back side .....viscose drapes likely.

A day in the jockey club

The purse with flowers of artemisia vulgaris ( 唐蒿 ) and geranium (洋葵) leaf prints.
Close up of the front and back, different tone of mirror prints. Back with olive tone and front of golden yellow.
A clutch or a bike bag?  That's what I intended to make for the multi- purposes.

The bottom part of the mirror prints on viscose is sewed into a tote bag. The gift I gave to the house owner Ms Fung who's so generous to let me pick her plants.
The tagetes tenuifolia is marvelous that I will do more experiments.


  1. What a wonderful Collection you have put together - and found more lovely printing plants to choose from!

    1. I am quite happy I finally found the plants the prints are so pretty and bold.

  2. 穿上它 穿梭於自然 鄉郊上 感覺上好休閒輕逸舒服


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