Saturday, April 21, 2018

Natural printed tunic from plants 植物印染襯衣

Proud to be myself. I am by profession not a fashion designer but like arts and crafts.  Nature inspires my creation particularly plants.  As mentioned in my last post I found the lemmon marigolds wonderful prints and addicted to it.  This tunic printed mainly with those leaves and flowers as well crown daisy. 
Flowers and leaves are delicate with very pleasant fragrance.  
The day I went to the area of my studio. Such a leisure walk in the beach. 


It's a weekday with less people
  In short I am happy with this tunic prints
"Less is more" is my motto.  The "flowing movement" placement is what I always like.
Prints of the lemmon marigolds and crown daisy are so bold.
Front is linen, back and sleeves are wool blend, collar is viscose. Yellow prints from alum mordant for fabric and the plants.  Prints outline and grey shades due to iron mordant.
The sleeve placement of Lemmon marigolds leaves, flowers, crown daisy and oxalis.
Same sorts of plants and geranium
Prints of white from oxalis due to acid discharge from the plant
The tunic is light and comfortable 
 A nice moment sitting at the pier reading the poets on my art journal with my paper prints.  Life is good, can't complain.
This is the area Stanley where my tiny studio located.   I always get inspired in the little bay.  I am not a hard seller but sometimes got queries of how to do eco printing.  If you like to do eco printing with basic to fabulous prints here is my on line shop for the instant download pdf tutorials,  Basic English version, Russian version, fabulous version you can do the prints like this tunic.  My passion for the lemmon marigolds printing still on.  Another dress is being made.  Will show after shoting.
Thank you for stopping by, until next.


  1. This is delightful. Well done!

  2. I love your less is more! Very beautiful. Did you dry the oxalis before using it?.My attempts were a complete failure, my knowledge is very little, I am just starting to ecoprint.Love your cat too. Ella

    1. Ella, I didn't dry oxalis. It has no pigment. I use iron to bring out the shape and shades around only.


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