Saturday, April 28, 2018

Another natural printed garment 又一植物印染時裝

If you have read my recent blog you can see how I'm hooked on this yellow prints from lemmon marigolds. I have done another tunic with the prints. This tunic is with 3 different materials - silk chiffon, wool blend and viscose.
This day my girl visited me and spent the leisure moment in our area.  She has good feature.  Whenever I see her I would like to ask her to show my works.  To have young ones to fit looks perfect.
I tried to show the piece with breeze but too windy on the mountain.

Same layout as previous few pieces flowing with less composition, still front & back and both sleeves.
Layout of lemmon marigold leaves and flowers on silk chiffon with alum mordant.
The crown daisy,  stroke of dried bamboo blossom and lemmon marigolds.  Bamboo blossom was soaked in iron water. I intended to have the dark dotted lines but not obvious.
A few silver dollar eucalyptus for the orange-red prints.

Comparison of prints on wool blend and silk chiffon sleeves.

The tunic is with lemmon marigolds with alum mordant both plants and the fabric. The dark shades on sides are of iron effect. 


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