Saturday, March 17, 2018

Back to basic yet vivid natural prints

Sometimes the simple and basic prints are what I like to do.  It's vivid with appropriate mordant even nice on cellulose fabrics.  Recently I went biking and got some leafs and flower petals from a friend. Just wanted to do the prints with mirror effect.  So outcome of two in one go.

I put plants on silk then covered with cellulose fabric with appropriate mordant.  Just steamed for an hour. 
This is prints on cellulose with shades of dark and clear veins

 Prints on silk is more vivid with outline and colors of leaves as well purple from petals
What I like to test more is the purple prints from petal
As this is the testing of the new plants,  I have to do some more experiments then will show the proper names of the plants.  At this stage you may like to guess what the flowers and leaves are.  
The way of making outline prints is combination of iron and tannin from leaves.  Here's my ETSY instant download PDF tutorial of the prints of making shades and outline.

I'm on the road again for a jaunt trip to Hangzhou, China for interaction.
Mogi's not happy for my out town but rest assure I will show more after the trip.


  1. such amazing shapes and subtle shades! I love the simplicity of this, have a wonderful trip!

  2. Mogi may miss yo, but he will be pleased when you return, and you will have much to tell us!


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