Wednesday, January 17, 2018

The blue dyed nuno felted scarf 藍染羊毛混纖圍巾

The blue nuno felt scarf just made but blue is not dyed from indigo. 
這片藍色染圍巾的藍並不是來自藍草染, 那是取自友人絲路旅遊回來送給我的黑杞子手信, 我泡水飲用後把渣滓加水及明樊染了雪紡, 然後加些羊毛混纖完成這圍巾.

After drinking the wild black wolfberries (gogi berry) tea, I sieved the residue and squeezed the liquid for the dye.

Soaked the tied white silk chiffon in the dye with little alum then it turned into blue immediately.
After two days I put in water with little vinegar to fix the color.  
I extended the dyed chiffon with merino wool, a little lincoln wool for texture and mulberry silk for the sheen effect.
Here's the look.................

A friend gave me a box of dried black wolfberries from her travel in the northern China.  It said that it's rich in nutrition ingredients and very good to health. Now I still have some to drink and play for blue before I start my indigo vat.

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