Saturday, January 13, 2018

Making of reversible natural printed vest 雙面穿著植物印染背心製作

 This is a reversible vest with double prints. I intended to make it to wear "in and out" as well "front and back".  The tone is a bit rustic so I made shots against the abandoned village house while I was doing biking there.
這背心面料祗用了鐵媒染,內層𢇁料以Irit Dulman技巧印染做出兩層不一樣的效果。

 Basically the fabric of raw silk is iron mordant but not the leaves of eucalyptus and Grevillea Robusta (銀華)
While the other side is georgette silk printed with various leaves with technique from Irit Dulman.

 The front is of two panels and one at the back,  both inside and outside.
 I am lazy and just cut and sewed by vision.  I don't have to measure for anyone  I just wanted to make use of the panels I previous made.
 This is a medium size.  After fitting I found the shoulders are too wide and "straight".  Thus I folded a bit inward.  After all the pieces are sewed I fixed the buttons.

 Final touch with my label
 The look of in and out.
 A reversible long vest is made..........


It can be wore "in and out" as well "front and back".


 A side pocket is added

The making of this vest is easy and the prints of this side of raw silk is only fabric mordant in iron solution.  The different tone of the same eucalyptus (dark & red) is only the darker piece soaked in stronger iron water.
I have instant download pdf tutorial, this is one of prints mentioned.  Interested parties may like to view here in my ETSY
For the prints of the silk side as it's the technique I just learnt from brilliant Irit Dulman, I'm not going into details yet.


  1. its beautiful has such a high fashion look to it!!!

  2. Love the pattern you've created with that print!

    1. Thanks Rachel. Someone said she recognised it’s my style of pattern.


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