Friday, January 19, 2018

Fun play natural printing with friends 與友植物印染分享

It's too good to have friends coming for the fun play of natural printing.  My hiking mates Ellen and Joyce are nature lovers and I sometimes show them my natural prints.  Last day  they come for the experiments.   See Mogi is expecting the outcome....... 
一個下午與友玩玩植物印染, 逗逗貓兒, 隨後我又繼續印染及以他們送給我的果仁烘了些曲奇餅, Ellen 和 Joyce 是我遠足隊友, 我們很愛大自然 , 因著共同興趣, 我樂意與友分享植物的奧妙, 且看這些葉印......


They made the prints under my tutelage

Lots of leaves to try for their first time of fun play

Ellen and Joyce are very imaginative .......Dogs and cats silhouette Ellen cut from banana leaf.

Dragonfly and hedgehog in the range as Joyce placed.
What will the prints be?  Let's see after 2 hours bundle boiling.

While the bundles in the boiling we're having the rich cheese cakes brought from them.  I showed them how I printed the wool fabric with the eucalyptus just got from my bike ride.

Well...... moment to open the bundles.
 Nice prints from rose leaves and others.......

Orange and red from eucalyptus, lines from casaurina, green from rose and mandarin leaves

Brown from other species of eucalyptus and it's buds

Dragonfly !!!  Yes, Joyce made it.
The dog prints are a bit blur. I've experiments with silhouette of cats and dogs it's better to soak in iron water for some time beforehand.
It's cute to have the print of a dragonfly as what Joyce expected  The head with cone of casaurina.

Hey, it's hedgehog from eucalyptus buds

Friends are very imaginative and a lovely afternoon we all have.
Mogi is pampered with their cuddle !
After Ellen and Joyce gone I made use of the scraps of the "iron carrier" prints from their scarf.  Sewed two cowl scarfs.  Part of the prints left from their original leaves.....the dragonfly still on.

Each of the cowl scarf connected with other "leftover" of my previous projects.  

Ellen and Joyce are so nice to give me some nuts on their visit.  I made some cookies with them.

I am happy to share with friends with same passion.
How sweet my friends are!  
They made me to pick up again cooking.  Hope the cowl scarf and the cookies remind their fun time with me.


  1. oh they are amazing, the animal cut out prints are amazing!!!So beautiful,, yummy treats as well, good times shared with good friends and of course your lovely Mogi!!!

  2. The Dragonfly turned out beautifully, didn't it!


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