Thursday, January 11, 2018

Another nature inspired fibre creation 又一大自然之纖維創作

 To prepare next fun play with friends for the natural printing, I need to pick some leaves today while doing biking in NT West.  Nam Sang Wai is the  area I can get variety of eucalyptus especially the ones with buds.
The rustic scenery attracts bird-watches, cyclists and city-dwellers.
The glistening fish ponds with tall reeds are such picturesque for photographers.

 Nam Sang Wai is crisscrossed by the Kam Tin River and Shan Pui River.
The sandbar at the intersection of the rivers is good for migratory birds.
In the further we can see the Hong Kong high rises.

Next to it is the well developed zone Shenzhen, China.
 It's a leisure ride along the scenic tree-lined path with River Red Gum trees.
Found some wind blown eucalyptus with buds.  
 What a good find on biking !
 Not only eucalyptus I got, also the tiger orchid found on the cycling path.
My outing today was for biking and shooting.  Before heading home with "good finds", I used the tiger orchid as hanger for the shots of my just finished natural printed reversible vest.
Found the abandoned old house on the way.  Just like the rustic brick walls go well with my  wearable art.

Detailed prints and making of the reversible vest and the nuno felt scarf followed on my next blog.
Back home I immediately tried the leaves on wool blend.

Almost two hours boiling unbundled with anticipation.  It works.

Mogi appreciates it as well. 


  1. Mogi does approve, doesn't he!

    The tiger orchid makes a great hanger for the fabric!

    1. The tiger orchid is now planted in my yard. Hope it grows well.


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