Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Exhibition - Junichi Arai Textile Anthology 「新井淳一經緯世界」藝術展

Junichi Arai, a Japanese master of the textile design, creating unprecedented cloths.  In the 70s - 80s he collaborated with renowned fashion designers, such as Issey Miyake and Rei Kawakubo to integrate innovative fabrics into fashion design.  The recent textile exhibition in the Hong Kong Polytechnic University,  demonstrates the glamorous design work by Junichi Arai.
 The exhibition opened on Dec 15, 2017 until Jan 26, 2018
Exhibition Venue 1,  Innovation Gallery
Exhibition Venue 2, The Fashion Gallery
Opening hours 10:00 - 19:00 (Mon - Sun)
I am honoured to be invited in the opening ceremony and involved in the art installation as well my piece of works included in the exhibition among others.

展覽日期: 10:00 - 19:00  2017/12/15 - 2018/01/26  (星期一至星期日)
地點 :香港理工大學  創新館 & 服裝館

The "Big Blue Vortex" -  an installation work of twisted textile with a holy stone which reflects energy is outside the Innovation Gallery.

Junichi Arai, he called himself "textile creator", but is hailed as "post-industrial expert" and "genius of Japanese fabric industry".

On the opening day my work of nuno felt panel with shibori dye was floating in the entrance.

Exhibition opening with the Japanese Taiko drumming
Speech by honorable Yoshiko Iwamoto Wada
Opening ceremony.......
儀式開始,會場巡禮...... 以下是我攝下的部分展品,若有時間現場觀更清晰細致。
A tour for the exhibits........
In the entrance a kind of "pleats" - press wrinkled texture.

Exhibits of wool works, some with metalized wool.

Metallic textiles

A large piece of digital jacquard textile done by other artists as a tribute to the master
I am among the participants who joined the program of textile surface design in the PolyU have a few pieces shown

My work is nuno felted panel with wool, yarn and shibori dyed silk
Some weaving works by NGO participants
It's a team work for the large installation art 

The work idea is from Mr Masanao Arai
We took two days to finish it

I've my scarf printed with the same technique I done in the program
We've also done other techniques of melt-off and screen prints
The floating nuno felt panel incorporated with natural dyed wool and yarn that my friend gave me.

After days of preparation a show is going on......
Honorable Yoshiko Iwamoto Wada
世界絞纈協會主席 和田良子女士
           How fortunate and exhilarating to be involved in the inspiring work by a Master and have my piece displayed.


  1. Congratulations to you, and all the other contributors!

  2. what an honor! Congratulations,, such beautiful exhibits and a wonderful event! Thank you for posting this,


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