Friday, November 24, 2017

Weeds prints from hiking 草葉印染

Today hiking in the north of our region Hong Kong. Up there we saw China in a stone's throw away. 
從遠足走進印染的實驗, 今天在新界北區 「 麻雀嶺」, 走上山崗, 沒有
麻雀聲, 極目遠眺是香港八仙嶺及近在咫尺中國的沙頭角. 行山之餘見些乾草, 取了回家作實驗, 也為下周在台灣的教學準備, 確保已購買的布料是清晰可印染, 實驗証明是不錯.
今日天氣良好, 上山後煙霞朦朧仍是美景.
We started the trail in a village "Sheung Ma Tseuk Leng"
A village of traditional buildings of a few decades old, indeed not too old.

 A strenuous trail up in the beginning with stunning views around
Down are the villages in the China boundary
After almost an hour hiking ......
I made it, the second one on the top of the mountain.
 A break and a breathtaking view of the region
Visible is the well developed town of China.

Today's hiking was not hard but only in the beginning we've to climb up the mountain.  We finished in about 3 hours with half way easy walking down.
Since today was a bit cool I've to put on a scarf.  Friends know me well I always have something in my purse or wore about my works of natural printing and wool felting as samples to show people whenever I'm asked what I am doing with.  Today the scarf I put on for head wrap in the windy hiking.

This is the scarf I put on today.  It's made with two panels.  One part of natural prints of  demo sample to the tertiary students while the other side is digital prints of my photo with natural flower prints done in the recent Canada workshop.
This is the actual prints on silk chiffon with the local yellow flowers.

I learned the skills of digital prints of the images on fabric then made the collage and sewed two panels together.
So here is a piece of scarf with the skills of digital prints I learnt and the natural prints I taught.

On the way down the mountain I saw some weeds and got a few for my experiments on fabrics which will be used in the upcoming workshops in Taiwan.  I have to make sure the fabric works well.  Back home I immediately done the simple testing.

 All works well, the prints and the fabric as well the plants.

 I know weeds are better as resist, thus a little piece of red eucalyptus is icing on the cake.

Sumac and Lagerstroemia speciosa are good prints.
I'm too addicted in natural printing.  Every time when I do hiking I spy some plants to do experiments.  Tomorrow I go biking I am not sure if I can resist any windfalls to play. 


  1. You always find something new to experiment with!

    1. I keen on trying new finds. Natural printing is sky limit and full of fun.


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