Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Natural prints with weeds and flowers 花花草草的植物移印染

Recently I like to use weeds for my natural prints.  On the hill side there are lots of weeds look like miscanthus but I don't know the exact name. 
十一月初的今日已是立冬, 香港仍是和煦秋天, 在山上野草隨風搖曳, 撿一把做印染, 一片絲綢實驗, 縫著兩端成為圍巾.
I know this kind of grass may not have pigments but no harm to try the shape as resist.
Composition of a few weeds, wild daisy and sumac on silk with one end dyed in cochinael.

After an hour boiling,  those plants with no pigments left shapes

I've done another piece with different placement of flowers and weeds.
Same, those only left the shapes.

The other piece I placed a few eucalyptus  just to make a little orangish or yellish.

 A soft tone panel with the weeds and leaves is done
Officially we're into winter time but only a bit cool in the morning or evening.

I sewed one of the panels two-fold and the ends connected. Simply a cowl scarf for autumn or winter.
 This is technique learnt from my teacher Irit Dulman.  Anyone who learnt or knew the skills may know how to make it.  This is only my experiments of weeds prints to share.


  1. A good use of the experiment - and it suits Mogi very well!


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